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Sauna, steam and plunge pool

All of the Total Fitness Clubs offer some great relaxation facilities for that post work out wind down or to make the most of your leisure time. All of our Clubs have a sauna, steam room as well as a plunge pool on the aquatic side of the Clubs alongside the main and family swimming pools to offer you the full range of ways to rest and relax away the stresses of the day.

Whilst the sauna culture developed in Finland, we at Total Fitness have fully embraced the proven health benefits of deep sweating which can be achieved through bathing regularly in a sauna and we're pleased to offer this facility to our members. As well as the dry heat offering of the sauna, we offer the muscle relaxing benefits of a wet heat steam room.   

The cold water in the plunge pool are used to cool the body rapidly which in turn stimulates blood circulation especially if you have spent time in one of the saunas or steam rooms.



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