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Personal Training at Total Fitness

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Our personal trainers don’t just build resilience in the gym

Understanding all the benefits a Personal Trainer can bring is key to understanding how you will benefit from working with them. Whatever your goals may be, the relationship you create will reach far beyond the gym floor.

Not only do our PT’s create workout plans, nutritional guides and advice, they’re there to guide you through your mental and physical fitness journey, helping you achieve more than you thought possible, providing constant support, reassurance and motivation when you need it most.

Total Fitness Personal Training Woman

Their goal is your goal

"I know what it’s like to have no idea how to get to where you want to be. I have personally used exercise and a healthy lifestyle to constantly challenge and better myself and provide meaning and focus. I now want to help you do the same."

John - PT - Whitefield

"I enjoy helping people and supporting clients in achieving their goals, whether that is losing fat, building muscle, rehabilitation or just simply helping them gain more confidence that they can translate to the rest of their lives."

Alex - PT - Prenton

"I'm very passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. I love to see them achieve and try new things they never thought possible, but most of all teach them about balance and how to enjoy all areas of life while still getting results."

Sarah - PT - Wakefield

"Getting fit is not just about being able to run for hours or lifting heavy weights. Getting fit should be about improving your life outside of the gym too."

Amy - PT - Wilmslow

"My approach is building a better version of the person you want to be, we are all different and this isn't just by getting bigger muscles or a faster mile run time; the mental aspect is just as important for me. Which is why, as a coach, I will be with you every step of the way."

Scott - PT - Wrexham

Finding the right Personal Trainer for you

The relationship you build with your PT needs to be a lasting one, that’s why our PT's have a wealth of experience in multiple health, fitness and wellbeing disciplines to help you achieve your goals. All our PT’s have profiles in the Members App where you can get to know them a bit more and find out the experience they have. From there, book a free consultation and chat with them about your goals and find out if you are a fit.

Total Fitness Personal Training Man

Head over to the members app and find the right PT for you

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Get more out of your visit

Continue your workout with some more motivation by attending one of our 70 classes. Use your knowledge from your personal training sessions and spend even more time on the gym floor, using our full range of cardio, functional and strength equipment.

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