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Club Rules

To make our clubs a welcoming place for all, and so you can get the best experience possible, here are our core rules for members and guests:

General Rules

  • Let's make our clubs a friendly place for everyone. Please don't use language or behaviour that intimidates, distresses, upsets or offends. If you experience or witness this, don't challenge such behaviour directly - please notify a member of staff instead.
  • Your membership fob is really important. You must use it every visit to gain entry. It's for your use only - if someone else is found to be using it, the card will be taken away and you'll risk having your membership cancelled. So please don't lend it to a friend - it's not worth it.
  • Dress appropriately - this means clean footwear and suitable exercise wear. Please don't wear anything that may cause offense.
  • Be respectful of the wishes and privacy of other club members and their families. No photos should be taken unless permission has been granted by those in the picture.
  • Don't attend the club if you're unwell. Please stay at home if you have an infectious illness.
  • Please use mobile phones appropriately throughout all areas of the club, especially the changing rooms.
  • Please help keep our club a no-smoking or vaping zone. This includes the car park and any outdoor space.
  • Glass is not allowed in the gym, studios or pool areas. Instead, please use a non-glass bottle or cup to keep hydrated.
  • Personal nutrition and hydration is your responsibility. Please make sure you attend your session prepared for the activity you are doing.
  • Chewing gum isn't allowed in any part of the club, including the car park and any outdoor space.
  • Each week, the club will carry out a fire alarm test. We'll let you know when we do and ask that you please observe any fire drills or evacuations.


Gym, Classes & Courts

  • Wipe down the machines after use with cleaning products provided.
  • Return all gym equipment to the correct storage area - nobody likes hunting for weight plates and dumbbells.
  • Use each piece of kit for a maximum of 40 minutes in busy periods. If you're taking a breather, why not let someone else jump on your machine?
  • Avoid dropping or throwing weights.
  • No under 18s are allowed in the free weight areas. This is for health and safety reasons.
  • Our class instructors are here to help. It's always a good idea to consult them before taking part in a class for the first time.
  • Please be on time to your classes - you won't be allowed to join a class once the warm up has started.
  • Group exercise classes can be booked 6 days in advance from the time the class finishes via the Member Area or at your home club. Alternatively, they can be booked 24 hours in advance at a non-home club.
  • Squash courts can be booked 7 days in advance via the Member Area or at your home club. Alternatively, they can be booked 24 hours in advance at a non-home club. Court bookings are for a maximum of 2 hours.


Personal Training

  • A great way to accelerate your fitness is through 1:1 Personal Training.
  • Once you have selected and met your Personal Trainer, you will be asked to complete a PT validation form at the club reception, which will let you know how many sessions you have paid for
  • After each session, your PT will take you to the club reception to sign off the session
  • Sessions can only be paid for by card payment at the club reception
  • If you have chosen one of our Self Employed PTs, you will be required to follow their sign up and payment process



  • Anyone supervising a child who isn’t a parent needs to be 18+.
  • No children under 4 years old are allowed in the Lower Gym. The lower gym floors are the family areas for under 15s or family gym at Wilmslow. Please use the height chart on display to stay safe when using the equipment.
  • Under 15s can attend the club between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 7pm Saturday to Sunday only. They should always be supervised by a parent/guardian unless they're in a child's class or activity with an instructor. (up to 20 mins allowed for changing, following end of activity)
  • A children's pre-activity questionnaire (TFCC1 document) has to be completed by their parent/guardian before they can participate in any session for the first time.
  • Parents/guardians should always accompany their children to classes and sign them in (complete a TFCC3 document). At the end of the class, the same parent/guardian should then collect them. If your child is not signed in to a class, they unfortunately won't be allowed to take part. Another adult member may sign in and collect your child if arranged before the activity starts and agreed with the Manager on Duty.
  • Parents/guardians must remain in the club and be contactable for the duration of the session their child is in to support with toilet breaks/illness
  • Under 15s aren't allowed to use the treadmills, upper floor/main gym areas, or running track unless taking part in a supervised session. This is for health and safety reasons.
  • Under 15s are welcome to use the squash courts if they're accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • A child's parent/guardian is responsible for making sure their child/children behave appropriately and respectfully.


Pool Area

  • Help us keep our pools clean - please always shower before entering the pool.
  • Food and drink aren’t allowed poolside, except for water in a non-glass bottle or cup.
  • Please don't run, jump, or dive in the pool area.
  • Mobile phones aren't allowed poolside. If you need to take a call, please take it away from the pool area.
  • Avoid swimming within 2 hours of eating.
  • If you’re not sure if you’re fit enough to swim, please consult a doctor before attending.
  • Please always wear appropriate swimwear when using the pools and heat treatment rooms.
  • Shaving isn't allowed in the sauna, steam room or sanarium.
  • Oils shouldn't be used in the sauna, steam room or sanarium.
  • Please do not pour/throw water over the coals. These are electrical heating elements and will cause damage.
  • Please don’t take any flammables into Sauna’s, such as towels, plastic water bottles etc.
  • Sauna and steam rooms will close 30 minutes before the club closes and all pools close 15 minutes before the club closes. This is so they can be cleaned thoroughly.


Pool Rules For Juniors

  • Family swim times are 8.00am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 8.00pm Monday to Friday, and 8.00am to 6:45pm Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. Under 15s are allowed poolside during these times only.
  • Please don’t attend if either you or your child has had an upset stomach 2 weeks prior to attending
  • Each parent/guardian can supervise a maximum of 2 children (if weak or non swimmers are wearing an approved British Standards buoyancy aid, or children are competent swimmers)
  • Under 8s must be accompanied in the water by their parent/guardian.
  • Children aged 8 to 14 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian either in the pool, or from the poolside. The parent/guardian can supervise poolside only if they confirm with the lifeguard on duty that their child can swim a minimum of 25m unaided.
  • Children aged 8 and over are welcome to use the main pool for lane swimming if supervised by a parent/guardian either in the water or poolside, depending on their ability
  • During periods of closure of the Family Pool or when there are capacity challenges, the club reserves the right to allow children of any age in the main pool
  • Babies and children should always wear an approved, reputable swim nappy where appropriate. Nappies can be purchased from reception if you need them.
  • Under 15s aren't allowed to use the hydro pool, sauna or steam room.


Swim Academy

  • Swim Academy Baby lessons are for children from birth to 3 years old.
  • You are required to ensure that your baby or child has appropriate swimwear for their lesson. We will provide all other equipment including flotation aids.
  • You (or your nominated adult (a “swim buddy”) must wear appropriate swimwear for the lesson. You must ensure that your baby is wearing a reputable, reusable neoprene swim nappy.
  • During a lesson, you (or your swim buddy) must be in the pool to supervise your baby or child at all times. The person supervising your baby must be over the age of 18 years and be a competent swimmer. Only one person is permitted to accompany your baby in the pool per lesson and each person can only be responsible for one baby or child per lesson.
  • Your baby or child must be supervised at all times (including pool side and in the changing rooms) and must not be left unaccompanied at any time whilst at the Club.
  • Your swim buddy must be authorised by you to accompany your baby or child to their lesson, to supervise them at all times whilst at the Club and to assist them in the changing rooms. We may provide feedback to your Swim Buddy regarding your baby or child’s progress. 
  • We hope to provide some consistency for your lessons. Whilst we cannot guarantee that the same instructor will teach your lesson each week, we do guarantee that there will always be a competent instructor teaching your lessons.
  • You must not attend a lesson if you (or the swim buddy) or your baby or child is unwell or recovering from an infectious illness (this includes the five days after testing positive for COVID and 48 hours after the last symptoms of a norovirus).
  • We offer a 15% discount on the price of the lessons to our Total Fitness members. To benefit from the discount, both you and your baby or child must be current, active members of Total Fitness. You will need to use the same email address to sign up for lessons as you use for your membership in order to activate the discount.
  • Membership discount is only available for lessons for babies and children for whom you are a legal guardian.
  • We may change the discount we offer to members from time to time. We will give you at least 45 days’ notice of any changes in case you want to cancel your lessons following a change in price.
  • If at any time you or your baby or child cease to be a member of Total Fitness, you will no longer be entitled to the discount and the price of your lessons will increase from the date you (or your baby or child) cease to be a member. We will inform you in writing of the new fee payable for your lessons within 30 days of the end of your membership.
  • Unless we inform you otherwise in writing, the fee payable for your lessons will be taken by recurring card payment separately from your fees payable for your Total Fitness membership. You are free to choose a different payment method for each.


Changing Rooms

  • Children under 8 can change in either sex changing room if supervised by their parent/guardian.
  • Children aged 8 and over can only change in the changing room of their own sex. We recommend that they're supervised by their parent/guardian.
  • Lockers can only be used if you're visiting the club. The lockers don't have an integral lock, so we strongly advise you use a padlock. Lockers should not be left locked, unless you're in the club. Please don't leave your belongings in lockers overnight. If you do, they may be removed. Unfortunately we can't take responsibility for their safekeeping or return.


Car Park

  • Please feel free to use the car parking facilities when visiting the club. We'll do all we can to make sure it's used by members only. Please only use the car park if you're visiting the club. Always park your car in the marked areas only and take care not to block service roads or emergency exits.
  • Please do not leave your car parked overnight except with the permission of the Club General Manager. We take no responsibility for cars, or their contents left in the car park.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the parking restrictions in your home club as they can vary. Some of the clubs have an automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR). This restricts your parking length and requires you to give your registration details each time you visit. If it's in operation, ANPR signs will be displayed in the car parks. The ANPR isn't managed by Total Fitness, so any fines or challenges should be taken up with the operator.
  • Please always observe the speed limit that's clearly displayed on site and be on the lookout for children or cyclists.
  • You may use a disabled space if you display the correct blue permit holder badge. You may only use a parent and child space if you're accompanied by children.


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