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Strength & Resistance at Total Fitness

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Build up your strength in our Free Weights Area

Total Fitness offer a large free weights area for intermediate trainers upwards. Training with free weights is a great way to build core strength and can help to adapt your physique and fitness.

Pin Loaded Equipment (Resistance)

Work on specific areas from your abs to your legs. The Pin Loaded Equipment stabilises the load for you offering you more support for the core and back. Easily adjust the weight stacks, making it easier for members with limited range of motion.

Plate Loaded Equipment (Fixed Plate Loaded Resistance)

Part of the innovative strength training equipment range, Hammer Strength plate-loaded equipment focuses on the way the body moves to create a natural and effective workout. This is a natural progression from pin loaded equipment and the machines design allows unilateral work to correct muscular imbalances so you can move forward with your strength development.

Hammer Strength Elite Power Racks

The Elite rack offers a customisable workout to improve your strength performance and capabilities. With the option to make your training regimen flexible due to the modularity, you can adapt with the rack and grow with your training needs. The racks also house a lifting platform, ideal for those heavier lifts, power lifting or Olympic weight lifting.

Fixed and Free Benches

Our multiple array of benches allows you to create an effective bodyweight training program or improve your strength with Dumbbells up to 50kg. These are fully adjustable ensuring you can vary your training and hit those problem areas with precision.

Cable Pulling Kit

Build on stability and strength with our 3-dimensional cable machines. Great for targeting specific body parts with pin point accuracy as well as improving a solid core foundation.

Get more out of your visit

Relax your muscles after your strength training. Sit in the hydropool or opt for a heat treatment. Calm the mind as well as the body with a Yoga or Pilates class.

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