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Functional Kit at Total Fitness

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Improve your posture, muscular endurance and
flexibility to take on the day.

Walk, run, row, ski, lift, jump and throw as you forge a connection between gym based training and daily activities. The functional kit we provide for you will prepare you for physical contingencies you do outside the gym. Our functional kit can simulate and strengthen the muscles linked to the movements you use in your daily life, making it easier for you to bend down to pick up your children, carry your shopping or swinging a golf club.

Using the functional equipment gives you a limitless amount of options meaning you train your entire body through 360 degrees which is a huge contributor to a strong and functioning core. This is unlike traditional gym equipment which can be restrictive meaning problem areas are sometimes missed. Functional based training can lend itself to short, medium and long-time domains at relative intensities with no real need to train specific muscle groups meaning your training can be constantly varied. This type of training will forge a broad fitness ensuring you can build on more than one area.


The rig is brought to you by Life Fitness and is perfect to use for HIIT Training. Focus on a full body workout and do sport specific exercise to build strength while doing boxing or on the trampette.


For the new era in indoor cycling, the Wattbike ensures robust training and can redefine the way you cycle. The measurable data it records (including power and heart rate) provides an unrivalled connectivity for an immersive training session ensuring you can compare your workouts to track progress. The pedals have an integrated system which measures your power distribution through each individual revolution making you more conscious of your pedal technique to maximise the results of every Wattbike session.


Nordic and Cross-Country Skiing in the comfort of your club. The SkiErg imitates these disciplines which promotes strength and endurance from the core to extremity. Whether you are an avid Skier or just wanting to build core strength, the SkiErg is a great workout and catalyst in achieving your goals.

Renegade Air Bike (Raze)

If you want an effective HIIT Workout, look no further than the Renegade Assault Bike. This piece of kit is great for metabolic conditioning and help break plateaus in your training. If your aerobic training needs a shape up, start with 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off x 10 (only 10 minutes) to get the most out of your interval training. This piece of kit is also a great alternative if you are unable to do your normal routine due to injury, the Assault Air Bike provides a good option for exercising safely.

Curved Treadmill

The Human Powered Curved Treadmill allows the inside for outside running experience. The treadmills curved design promotes running on the balls of the feet which in turn, engages more muscle groups of the lower body whilst also reducing the impact of your traditional heel to toe strike method. The machine stops and starts with ease ensuring you can make the most of your HIIT and functional sessions.

Prowler Track

Prowler is a sled variant that allows you to load additional weight onto it to increase the resistance that one must work against when pushing or pulling up our tracks. This also has a variety of handle placements (high, low, vertical, horizontal) to help you target lower body, upper body and core. This versatile piece of kit can be used to increase your strength, power and speed making it a great tool for general fitness or sports specific conditioning.

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