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Swim Academy at
Total Fitness

Welcome to Swim Academy at Total Fitness, creating interactive and engaging learning experiences, setting your child up for lifelong love of the water.

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Meet Team Splosh

An experienced team of friendly teachers, here to ensure your child develops positive and long lasting experiences in the water, led by Splosh, a lover of the water and big fan of making learning fun.

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Why Swim Academy?

40 min lessons including group feedback time with the teacher

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*Both parent/guardian and child must be current members

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Frequently Asked Questions

Swimming lessons are 30 minutes in the water with 10 minutes after the lesson to ask any questions and gain feedback.
You can book a swimming lesson online, in club, or via telephone
If there aren’t any spaces left on your preferred lesson, you can try another lesson time/club location or join the waiting list, where we’ll let you know as soon as a space becomes available.
You will be charged a monthly subscription fee based on the number of Lessons in a calendar year (usually 50, excluding the Christmas period) divided by 12 (the Monthly Fee). Payment of the monthly fee will be taken on or around the same day each month by your nominated card.
Your child can attend lessons before they are immunised. The NHS advises you can take your baby swimming at any age, but we insist that this is your decision. Any concerns should be discussed with your GP or health visitor. You can find the NHS guidelines here

0 - 4 years

- Towels for you and your child - Padlock for changing room lockers - Reputable reusable neoprene nappy - Goggles – if you plan to go underwater - Some toys to help them to feel comfortable - Children's swimsuit to keep them warm in the water - Appropriate swimwear you feel comfortable wearing - Changing mat for babies – We will try to provide these where we can - A snack (if you are bottle feeding a warm bottle to be able to feed after the lesson)

4+ years

- Towel - Snack - Goggles (if needed) - Appropriate children's swim wear - Padlock for changing room lockers
- Arrive with your child/children on time and prepared to start the lesson. - You’re responsible for the behaviour of your children whilst on the premises. - Take part in parent and baby lessons, immersing yourself in the experience. We look to provide support to both babies and parents.
We are inclusive with our lessons and integrate children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.
You can request to permanently change lessons; we will endeavour to fulfil your request if the spaces are available.
We currently do not offer a membership freeze option.
To cancel, please provide written notice to Total Fitness along with a reason for cancelling via email at or call our Member Services Account team on 0330 995 8425. All cancellations are processed in accordance with the Swim Academy terms and conditions.
We offer courtesy lesson swaps to our Swim Academy members when the lesson cancellation is 24 hours before the lesson.
If the pool is closed, you will be informed at the earliest opportunity and receive a refund for the cancelled lesson.
We understand that things happen that aren't in your control. If you are late to the lesson, you can still participate for the remainder of the scheduled time of the lesson.
Yes, one additional adult and child are allowed to be spectators, provided the child remains sat on the knee of the spectating parent/guardian
We do not allow photos to be taken during the lesson, however, there will be opportunities for you to take pictures with your child and the certificates they receive.
Our teachers will regularly provide you with updates on how your child is progressing during the feedback session at the end of each lesson
Yes, if both you and your child are Total Fitness members you will receive a 15% discount. Details of this can be found when choosing your membership.
Yes, on completion of all the outcomes within a level, your child will receive a certificate to celebrate they have completed the level.
For parent and child lessons we do not ask for parents or children to wear a swim hat, however, if you wish to wear one, you are more than welcome to.
The main pool is heated to 27 - 29 degrees Celsius and family pool is heated to 31 - 33 degrees Celsius
Yes, your child can wear goggles, however, there will be occasions where they may be asked to try activities without them to ensure they are comfortable wearing and not wearing goggles. If your child is going to wear goggles in the sessions, please ensure they are the correct fit.
The more information you can provide about your child the better the teacher can prepare and provide you with the best experience.
Yes, we endeavour to have the same teacher delivering the lessons each week, accounting for any holidays the teacher may have.
0-4 swimming lessons – Teacher supports in the water 4+ swimming lessons - Magic Movers > Kicking Kids (Stages 1-4) – Teacher supports in the water - Terrific Treaders > Aqua Athletes (Stages 5-7) – Teacher supports from poolside

Ages 0-3

- 10 babies in the water with parents

Ages 3 – 4

- 6 children in the water with partial support from parents

Ages 4+

- 6 children in the water
All swimming teachers are fully qualified to the correct level and complete regular training. Pools are also lifeguarded by a fully trained and competent team. Pools are regularly maintained, and the quality of the water is monitored and tested throughout the day.
A swim buddy is a nominated adult who can bring your child to lessons if you can’t make it. You can add up to three swim buddies who must all be 18 years or older and present a form of I.D. on arrival.
One-to-one child swimming lessons are not currently available. We provide group swimming lessons with a maximum of six children per lesson. This allows for a supportive group environment where our swimming teachers can tailor instructions to meet the needs of each child, encouraging skill development and confidence in the water.
Our swimming lessons are designed for children aged 0-11 years, we don’t currently provide adult swimming lessons.

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