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6 Reasons To Join A Gym

We all know that going to the gym is good for your health, exercise and being physically active is not only great for your physical health, but also your mental wellbeing too. Joining a gym makes increasing your exercise routine a lot easier, even just down to the access to fitness equipment, or ways of working out that make exercise more fun. Here are 10 great reasons to join a gym:

1. It’s good for your body and mind

We’re stating the obvious with this one but being active on a regular basis reduced the risk of heart disease, strokes, and other health complications. Did you know that when you exercise, endorphins are released which can calm anxiety and lift your mood? We delve into the benefits of working out on your mental health in our blog ‘Can exercise really effect your moodbut in short, sweat-inducing activity can in fact improve you’re physical and mental health. 

2. Access to equipment  

Being a member of a gym gives you access to a wide range of equipment, allowing you to keep your routine fresh and exciting. No matter what your fitness goals, there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking to increase strength, lose weight, tone your muscles, or exercise with low impact activity to avoid injury – gyms have the latest in fitness technology and equipment to support you. Not only that, but at Total Fitness we have up-to 8 ways of working out, and have a 360 approach to fitness that provides an opportunity to try something new and keep your workouts interesting. 

3. Access to knowledge 

If you’re new to working out, a gym membership can give you the tools and knowledge to start out. Our teams are experts in their field and passionate about supporting you to find a way of working out that works for you. Whether you attend the induction Boost session, attend classes, or start working with a Personal Trainer – you'll have access to their expertise and knowledge. 

At Total Fitness, members also have access to Digital Workouts via the members app, filled with follow-along workout routines and examples for all abilities to give you some extra motivation and inspiration when you’re working out – at home or in the gym.

4. An all-weather workout 

Ever been in the mood to go for a run, looked outside and seen it chucking it down with rain? In the UK especially, it’s something that we often must face. You could be the most motivated you've ever felt, only to be stopped in your tracks by the weather or those darker nights in winter. The gym offers a great place to work out whatever the weather – keeping you motivated all year round.

5. Meet like-minded people 

Joining a gym can be quite social, in fact working out with a gym buddy is often the preferred way to work out in the gym by a lot of our members. If you’re a regular at classes, before you know it, you’re getting to know the familiar faces, and going to coffee after your session.  

Small group workouts are becoming more and more popular, as people want that support and motivation of a friendly face. Statistically, you are also less likely to skip a workout if you’re exercising with someone else; you might not have that person yet, but if there is one place you’re likely to find someone with a common interest in fitness and exercise, it’s the gym.

6. A place to work out and relax 

People often join a gym for the sole purpose of working out, but they forget that it’s actually a great place to unwind. A gentle swim or some relaxing in the sauna offers the ultimate post-workout wind down. Take the time to re-charge after a session on the gym floor by spending some time in the Sauna, Steam Room or Sanarium, you won’t regret it. Total Fitness have fully embraced the need to de-stress which is why we offer the heat treatment facility to all our members. 

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