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Young Adult Membership

The Young Adult membership is for young people aged between 18 and 22. Whether you’re looking to train and keep in shape, or meet up with friends for some fitness related fun then Total Fitness have the Clubs for you.

All of our Clubs have a great range of facilities all under one roof including open plan gym floor with large numbers of cardio and resistance machines and well equipped free weights areas. Each Club also has 3 dedicated group exercise studios to offer a range of classes to suit all ages and abilities. Every one of the Total Fitness Clubs also have 3 indoor pools to aid your training or help you relax.

The Young Adult membership also offers these great benefits:

Multi Club access

Joining up with Total Fitness means that you’ll have access to all 17 of our Clubs based in the North of England and Wales. If you’re near another one of our other Clubs through work or any other reason, you’ll be free to use the facilities at the other Club with no hassle or messy arrangements.

Simple approach to membership

We at Total Fitness adopt a simple approach to membership. Being a member grants you access to all the facilities in the Clubs regardless of the time of day. When the Club is open, then you’re free to use all of the Club. Plus, the vast majority of the group exercise classes that we offer in each Club are also included in the price of your membership as well.
The Young Adult membership is also at a discounted rate in comparison to the price of an individual membership and replaces the previously offered student and youth rates. We recognise that young people may still be in full time education or starting their careers.


The standard membership is for an initial 12 month period and the can be paid either monthly by Direct Debit or as a one off discounted annual fee.