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Functional Kit at Total Fitness

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Improve your posture, muscular endurance and
flexibility to take on the day.

Twist, turn and jump as you focus on various muscle groups and how they work together. With our functional kit you can simulate the movements you use in your daily life and strengthen the muscles you are most likely to use for example when you bend to pick up your shopping/child/bowling ball. Use our functional equipment to move more fluidly for an all over body workout. Unlike traditional equipment which restricts you to movements delivered in sets and reps, this training lends itself to time and intensity-based training across multiple planes of movement. In this area you don’t need to work on specific muscles which is significantly effective for both fitness and more importantly your daily activities.


The Rig has boxing bags, medicine balls, vipers and squat racks, with a large floor space to incorporate a floor workout. It is perfect to use for HIIT Training. Focus on a full body workout and do sport specific exercise to build strength.

Prowler Track

This versatile piece of equipment can be used to improve your strength, power and speed. While on the prowler track you can contract the core, upper body. Carry, push and pull heavy loads which will help you in your daily activities.

Battle Ropes

Use the Battle Ropes as part of your HIIT programme. Develop power and endurance as you create a dual-force dynamic effect. Work out your shoulders, abs and quads. Improve your cardiovascular capacity, timing and coordination as well your mental toughness.

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Develop your core strength even more in the strength training area. Don’t just focus on training your body but also your mind with a Yoga or Pilates class in our Mind and Body studio.