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The Women’s Gym: A space created with you in mind

Since we opened our doors in 1993, over 30 years ago, we’ve always had a dedicated space for women’s fitness. In 2024 and beyond, we’re taking women’s fitness to the next level. We want to empower women’s fitness and celebrate the diversity of women’s needs no matter the occasion, frame of mind or life stage. 

The Women’s Gym, our new gym concept launching at Whitefield in January 2024, is purpose-build to support feelings of ease whilst working out and prioritise progression - a space to learn, progress, and build confidence    

We’re coming from a place of curiosity. We’ve made no assumptions and designed a space born from listening to thousands of women and thanks to that insight, we’ve created The Women’s Gym - providing everything you need for a seamless, uninterrupted workout. 

Our current Women’s Workout Spaces aren't going anywhere, they’ll still be available as part of our core Total Fitness membership for those that want to use them. The Women’s Gym space aims to put the needs of women first, something that can’t be retrofitted into our current spaces. Not only that, but it also provides the opportunity for a flexible pay-as-you-go option that allows more people to work out in our spaces.  


Designed for you 

We understand that every woman is different, the way you want to work out today, might not be the same tomorrow... and that’s okay.  

This is a space that caters for changing needs in both the short and long-term so it’s ready to support you in performing at your best, whatever your best means to you. 

  • Equipment in the space has been specifically chosen with the female body in mind. Gym equipment is often built for unisex use, which means for those with a smaller frame it can often be uncomfortable or harder to use.  
  • Easy access to toilets within the gym, along with little touches like hair bobbles and sanitary products It’s all in the details... 
  • We haven't split the space into weights vs cardio. We understand that people might still feel intimidated by going into a dedicated weights area of a gym, so our space is designed to spread the equipment throughout the gym to create more of an uninterrupted and free-flowing environment. 


  • It’s not just about the equipment, but also how the space makes you feel. We’ve used softer peach colours, bamboo and wood tones, have lowered the ceilings, and purpose built the lighting to create a more welcoming, calming environment to help you feel at ease. 
  • Feeling confident in the gym can change from day to day, our dedicated space has prioritised personalisation and the flexibility to choose your workout environment depending on your mood and motivation that day. Mirrors if you want them, workout space alongside others or in a more dedicated area, time out seating if you want it, away from the distractions of everyday life.  


Empowering Womens Fitness  

There’s a growing demand for women only workout spaces, and with The Women’s Gym joining our pre-existing Womens Workout Space, we’ll be upskilling our fitness teams so that they can better support and guide women through key life stages. 

We’ll be creating content across a range of channels to support women, not just in The Women’s Gym at Whitefield, but across all our 15 clubs. Whether its exercising during pregnancy, your menstrual cycle, pre- and post-natal, or menopause / perimenopause, we want to give you the confidence throughout all these life stages. 


The Women’s Gym will open its doors at Whitefield on 8th January 2024, when you can come and buy your pay-as-you-go pass or speak to our team to add it to your existing membership, whichever suits you.  

Learn more about this exciting new space 

You can also follow The Women’s Gym across Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date and discover more tips and advice on female fitness: 

Instagram: @TheWomensGym_TotalFitness 

Facebook: The Womens Gym Total Fitness  

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