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Total Fitness partners with Worker Bee tea and coffee company

If you’ve had a hot drink from our THRIVE café over the last few weeks, you may be wondering why it taste so much more delicious... well, we have your answer.

We’ve recently partnered with an independent Manchester based hot drinks supplier across all our 15 clubs. Offering a wide variety of speciality coffee, regular and flavoured tea, and hot chocolate, we think they’re the perfect choice when relaxing after a workout. Whether you’re waiting for your gym buddy or catching up with your Yoga group after a class, there is something for everyone.

Worker Bee MCR

Launching in 2017, with a vision to give back to the local Manchester community and to improve the quality and experience of tea and coffee – Worker Bee MCR set up their company with one key differentiator, their support towards the local community, small businesses and charities.

Not only do they provide delicious speciality hot drinks, but they’ve also committed to supporting two Manchester based charities on a monthly basis – with a vision to raise the standards of the tea and coffee industry and encourage customers to shop local and give something back. In fact, so far customers have helped raise over £15,000 for charities including Forever Manchester and Maggie’s Manchester. 

About The Partnership

All 15 of our Total Fitness health club cafes will be supplied by Worker Bee MCR. We’ve been trialling the products in our Wilmslow club throughout December with some great feedback from our members and staff.  

“We’ve been looking to partner with a coffee roaster for a while now to elevate our hot drink offering. As Total Fitness has such a strong presence around the Manchester area, we wanted to work with a local organisation and support our community. Over the last few years Worker Bee has really taken off around the local area and with the roast they provide, they are right choice for us. Their Beehive Mill coffee provides a great flavour along with a strong caffeine content, it’s a perfect match for the gym, giving our members the pick-me-up and they need to thrive in their workout. Another big attraction in our partnership with them was the charity work they do. Worker Bee makes a monthly donation to 'Forever Manchester' and 'Maggie's' providing crucial funding to 2 charities that really support the community. It’s great to know that by using them we’re also helping to support these charities.” Jonathan Gatehouse, Food and Beverage Manager at Total Fitness.

On your next visit to your local club, why not drop by our THRIVE café for a caffeine fix and unwind after your next workout. Each time you purchase one of our Worker Bee products, you’re helping raise much needed funds for our local Greater Manchester community.

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