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How to build up your child's water confidence outside of lessons

You’ve booked your kids into swimming lessons and it’s all going great, but now you may be asking yourself ‘How can I build up my child's water confidence outside of lessons and support their progress?’ 

You might be surprised to learn that 14.2 million (1 in 3) of UK adults aren't a confident or competent swimmer. With that in mind, it might not seem as easy to help teach your kids or support them as they move through the stages if it’s something you’ve never experiences yourself. But rest assured, in this blog we share some simple tips on how best to support your kids both in and out of the water.  

Take them swimming: The more time they have in the water, the more time they’ll have to practice and perfect what they’re learning in lessons. Practice is a key part of learning – you don’t need to be Michael Phelps yourself, but asking them to practice what they learned that week can support the development of not only their swimming, but their physical development, and cognitive functions too. 

This isn't always easy to fit into your regular routine, and doesn’t need to be done each week, but during half-terms, holidays, and times when you have to try and keep them busya trip to the pool is a great opportunity to get in some more practice.  

Feedback time with the teacher: Our swimming lessons include an added 10-minutes at the end of each lesson, dedicated to class feedback time with the teacher. They can keep you updated in your child's progress, and areas they may need to develop or work on. Using this feedback time and interacting with the swim teachers is a quick win to stay on top of how best to support your child. 

Start swimming lessons from an early age: When they’re babies, more often than not they’re fearless – with no fear of the water. Baby Swimming Lessons can be a great way to introduce them to the water, getting them comfortable and confident early on. In these early years, parents often get in the water with their babies which can be a real bonding experience for both parent and baby; giving them an opportunity to explore the sensory experiences and fun that come with learning to swim. 

Celebrate their success: As kids progress their way through the swim stages, they’ll start to achieve milestones and certificates. This can be such a great bonding experience for parents and guardians to celebrate these successes as a family. This encouragement can be a great motivator to keep them engaged with their lessons and give them that steer and direction to want to keep it up.  

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