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Wakefield Personal Trainer cycles 980 miles for charity

Sarah Langdale, Personal Trainer at our Wakefield Club, is attempting her greatest challenge yet – cycling a total of 980 miles from the furthest southern point to the most northern point of the country.

Setting aside only 9 days to complete the challenge, her main motivation is to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a charity close to her heart. Originally setting her sights on a target of £2,500, with 3 weeks to go she has already smashed her goal.

We caught up with Sarah to delve deeper into her training routine as she gets ready to ride across Britain.

“This is one of the toughest challenges I have ever set myself, but when I think about what people facing cancer go through each day, it’s nothing in comparison. I think the biggest challenge for me has been the training – when I first set out the challenge, I didn’t realise just how much prep I would need to be doing. I'm not a cyclist, so it’s all been fairly new to me – as a Personal Trainer I wanted a challenge that would push me out of my comfort zone.

“Fitting it all in around my lifestyle and staying motivated has sometimes been a struggle – training, alongside working, and being a mum and partner, as well as everything else that crops up in life can be tough. In the last few weeks though, as we get closer and closer to the event, I feel strong and confident on the bike, and I think I’ve mastered fuelling my body while cycling which has given me a real motivation boost.

“As far as training goes, it has definitely been intense. When I work out in the gym, I have been focusing on weight training, using free weights and body weight exercises. Out on the road, it’s been a mix of short 1–2-hour interval session and 3–6-hour endurance rides on weekends – getting those miles in and practicing long distances.

“Over the 9 days, I’m hoping to cover around 105-119 miles each day – it will all depend on the elevation and climb. I can’t thank everyone who has supported me enough, and I feel ready and excited to take on this challenge for such a great cause.”

You can check out why Cancer UK is her charity of choice and support Sarah via the JustGiving page, and find out how a Personal Trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals. 

We’re routing for you Sarah – good luck.

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