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Tracey’s fitness journey with a Personal Trainer

Sometimes it can be easy to gravitate towards the same exercises and pieces of equipment that you’re used to, which can often lead to us feeling bored and less motivated to exercise.  

Whether you’re looking to achieve a particular fitness goal, dealing with an injury or condition that requires a different approach, need suggestions and support on different exercises, or are looking for some expertise to help correct or improve your form - working with a Personal Trainer has a range of benefits. 


Hear about Tracey’s incredible journey with Edward Thompson, Personal Trainer at Hull: 

I’ve been working with Ed for over 3 years now and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve loved every session. 

I never intended for it to be a long-term commitment, but once I started the gym just became so much more enjoyable and I’ve seen such great results – I just had to continue.  

My overall fitness, strength, energy levels have all seen the impact from working with Ed, and once I’d achieved my first goal, I already had the next one in sight.  

My initial thoughts about Personal Trainer sessions was that it would be more like a boot camp Sargent – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ed is so supportive and encouraging, adapting the workouts to suit whenever we need to – it’s much more than being shouted at or feeling pressured to keep going. 

What’s great is that Ed had been able to join me on park runs in the local area, and has introduced me to so many different exercises and pieces of equipment that I’d never have imagined using without his guidance. It’s had such an impact on how I view my fitness and has really built up my confidence in the gym.”  


Each of our Personal Trainers brings a different insight and specialism, from functional training, weightlifting, strength training, flexibility, confidence, injury recovery, pre and post-natal and more. Head over to our Members App and find the right PT for you.  

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