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You’re Never Too Old to Join a Gym

Feeling like you want to get more active but wondering whether you would get the most out of a gym membership because of your age?

We pride ourselves on being inclusive to everyone here at Total Fitness, regardless of age or fitness level. Thanks to our wide range of workout options, there is something for everyone – no matter what your fitness goals or ability. To show you just what we mean, here are some benefits that exercise can have on your day-to-day life:

Set yourself a new routine

If you’re retired or looking at retiring soon, joining a gym can help you fill your days in more ways than one. Alongside a quest to get more active with your newly acquired free time, it can also help expand your social scene and give you something to focus on.

All our clubs also have a café, a great space to meet friends or family after your training session to catch up, have a coffee, and relax. Some of our members meet on a weekly basis, so join our community and incorporate it into your weekly routine.


Working with a Personal Trainer

We’ve had members join our personal training program to help build up stamina, confidence, flexibility, and movement to help them get around more outside and spend time with family. Whatever your reason, our qualified personal trainer team will help you work towards your goals and support you in finding the right exercises for you.

Wrexham Total Fitness member Ged, aged 70, used the service to work on his confidence and ability to get up and down off the floor in case he fell at home, and to build up his walking ability following a stroke. Discover more about Ged’s journey with us and his experience working alongside a Personal Trainer below:


The benefits of a hydro pool

All clubs here at Total Fitness are equipped with a hydro pool, offering members a great activity for those looking to increase the movement in their joints as the buoyancy of water reduces weight-bearing stress on the body. This type of activity can also have a positive impact on fitness and balance using low-impact resistance from the water.

Our oldest Total Fitness member Joan, aged 99, shares how she uses the hydro pool to release some of the pressure on her joints allowing her to move more freely. She said: "Circulation is always a problem in my lower legs but after visiting the pool, I can feel the warmth of circulation again. This effect lasted two or three days before wearing off, so I’m hoping with more visits this feeling won’t wear off as quickly."


The Benefits of Exercise on Arthritis

A new report by the BBC has recently been released that highlights the importance of exercise for people with wear-and-tear joint arthritis – suggesting that new guidelines for the NHS will recommend it as a ‘core treatment’ for those suffering. The report shares how low-impact activities like walking, cycling and water-based workouts can be a good starting point to empower you to take steps to build up your confidence and support a healthy lifestyle.

You’re never too old and it’s never too late to get active. As Joan herself says, “If I let myself get bored, I know that’s when I’ll struggle to get out of bed and start to feel like I’ve got nothing to get up and out of the house for. If you’ve got something to look forward to, it doesn’t much matter what it is. That’s my theory anyway and at the moment it’s working.”

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