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What Really Happens In A Spin Class

If you’re looking for an all-out cardio blast that can take up as little as 30 minutes of your time, Spin could be the way to go. 

Spin is a group indoor cycling class focusing on strength, speed, and endurance, with choreography designed to work and tone every muscle group in the body. For those looking for an intense cardio workout, it’s definitely worth giving a Spin class a go. 

Spin often gets a bad reputation, and often people will say that theyre intimidated by the idea of stepping foot in the spin studio, worrying that they’ll be pushed too hard by the instructor or won’t be able to keep up. To break down this barrier and show how this type of class can be great for those new to spin as well as those hardcore cyclists – here’s the lowdown of what to expect in your first Spin class, alongside some hints and tips to help get you through the door and onto the bike. 

A Spin class lasts around 30 minutes  

Trust us, you won’t be pumping away at those pedals for 90 excruciating minutes. Most classes are around 30-45 minutes and that’s not too terrifying, right? The adaptable resistance levels from the spin bike allow you to set your own pace and get your heart pumping. 

The music creates positive energy 

Go into your Spin class with the right mind-set and it can feel like a giant (pretty sweaty) party – Spin is an energetic session full of upbeat music, usually with the lights down low so you can be in your own world for at least half an hour.  

Try a few classes as each one may have a different style and playlist – you’ll need to find one that’s to your taste to get the most out of it. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie 

Worried about getting your feet locked into the pedals correctly? Wondering how high your seat should be, or where your arms go? You’re not on your own. 

Turn up a little early to the class and let the instructor know it’s your first class and they will show you how to set up your bike and give you options to match your own fitness level, allowing you to properly personalise your ride.  

Don’t forget to bring water 

Spin studios are full of people who are working hard, and it gets hot in there. Make sure you wear breathable gym clothing to make your workout far more comfortable and enjoyable. 

And don’t forget to bring a towel and water – it’s sweaty work, so be sure to take small regular sips throughout your workout to replace the lost fluids. This will keep you going for longer and prevent you from cramping up. 

Follow the instructor’s lead 

It’s not just about peddling as fast as you can for the full 30-45 minutes. The workout routine often aligns with the music, and there will be periods of both high and low resistance. In those lower-intensity periods you can get your stamina back and recover before the beat kicks back in and it’s back to putting all your energy into those legs. 

The Spin instructor is there to guide you through the workout, and let you know what’s coming next and what setting your bike should be on. 

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