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Introducing a new Spin Experience – Coach by Colour

We’ve upgraded our Spin Studio equipment to bring our members a new explosive power-based Spin experience. Bringing colour and real-time feedback to your workout, the new bikes give you the power to personalise your intensity and track progress to really own your workout and fitness goals.

When we think of a standard Spin class:

  • You cycle at different speeds – this is your RPM
  • You can make this harder or easier – based on the resistance 
  • You’re in a standing or seated position
  • You’re coached on how you should feel – this is based on the effort you should be putting in. 

All this overlayed with some motivational music and you have a spin class. So, what is different about Coach by colour you ask?

The new Spin Experience – Coach by Colour 

Our new Spin experience, using state-of-the-art Life Fitness ICG6 bikes, are designed to introduce colour into your workout to encourage greater effort, increase social interaction, and maximise results.

The focus is all in the power. With 5 colour zones relating to different levels of power and effort needed, the colour cues help to define the workout and provides an easy to follow and personalised routine as part of a wider group class. Everyone all riding in tune, to the same colour cues, with the same music – but the power required from each rider to achieve your colour zone is individual.

There are a number of reasons why colour can have such an impact on your workout. It’s easy to follow and there’s an element of sensory stimulation with colour, our brains respond both physically and emotionally – red is often a stimulating colour, while blues and greens have a calming effect on the mind.

How it works

Using a built-in computer, alongside an app to track your personal progression and data, you’ll no longer leave a class wondering whether you pushed yourself hard enough or think ‘that was way too difficult for me’ because it’s all down to you to make the most of your workout and maximise your fitness.

You’ll set your individual Functional Threshold Power (FTP) score before your first class, which creates your profile and colour cues to get the most out of your class. Your FTP score – to put it simply – is how much power you can generate over a 60 minute period – Your Hour Power. Each person will have different requirements based on their fitness level – so this is a key step to ensure you can take control and understand your power.

Within the class, the instructor will direct you in which colour zone you should be in – which will be personalised for each member – and it’s on you to ensure you’re riding along to each zone as instructed. You’ll be able to see your colour zone, along with the others in the group to keep you motivated and add a level of community to the class. The zones making your workout more colourful include:

  • White: Your warm-up and recovery colour
  • Blue: Light level of power
  • Green: Moderate
  • Yellow: Hard
  • Red: Your maximum power

spin colours

The benefits of Coach by Colour

So, with the technical details out of the way, what does this mean for those of you who are regular spin goers:

  • Often in Spin the routines can be similar each week, this can sometimes feel repetitive when you have no data to benchmark or feedback from your performance, however with Coach by Colour you can see the real-time data and compare improvements week after week to help you strive for better.
  • The real-time data and feedback on your workout allows you to make sense of your training and understand how your fitness levels are improving – regardless of change in weight or body size. This gives you more realistic and tangible results in your training.
  • When you see the colours change in your workout, you get instant gratification that you’re getting the most out of your workout, giving you a sense of accomplishment that helps build motivation throughout the class.
  • There’s an element of competitiveness to this style of workout, whether that be against yourself or others in the class. It’s in our human nature to be competitive, creating a more motivating vibe throughout to keep you engaged.
  • The 5 colour zones allow you to be challenged across all aspects of training, whether that’s strength, speed, or endurance.

To get the most out of your new Spin Experience and benefit from the data and personalisation that’s now available – you need to get yourself set-up before attending your first class. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  

Step 1: Go into your Total Fitness club (currently available at selected clubs) and speak to a member of the team about the new Spin experience. They’re on hand to help you set-up your FTP score, which stands for ‘Functional Threshold Power’ – set your baseline and empower yourself to utilise your power and personalise your goals to suit you. Look out for and book a ‘Coach by Colour Fitness Score’ sessions on the class timetable - once you have your FTP score, you can calculate your power zones, and get the most out of your Spin workout.

Step 2: Download the ICG app – this is what links to the bikes and offloads all your workout data from the class. With this, you’ll have the knowledge and insight to see improvements in your fitness over time, be able to compete against yourself, and track your progress.  

Step 3: Book your class and try out our new Spin experience, Coach by Colour. 

Once you’ve ridden with the power that comes with coach by colour, you’ll never want to go back – you’ll be surprised at how rewarding it is to hit the right colour at the right time.

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