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Cardio Equipment at Total Fitness

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Access a full range of equipment for an all-round workout

Total Fitness has a full range of Cardio Equipment to help you increase the strength of your heart, lungs, and improve your endurance during workouts. Get moving, burn calories and keep your heart rate pumping.

Here at Total Fitness we understand everyone has different exercise needs, which is why we want you to get more out of your workout. Try our full range of equipment including Upright Bikes and Recumbent bikes.

Life Fitness Treadmill

Get a full interactive experience while on the Life Fitness Treadmill. Our Treadmills are equipped with a fully immersive screen. No longer will you miss out on your favourite Netflix shows as you can watch them while you run. The full range of entertainment on this treadmill means you can access your Spotify account or keep your mind engaged through the intensity you decide to set yourself with the on screen games. You can also connect with your friends for a Run Social and set yourself weekly workout goals through the LF Connect app. The open platform technology also integrates with your favourite fitness wearables giving you unprecedented control over fitness data. If you struggle with impact then Life Fitness Treadmills offer state of the art shock absorption technology than pavement, which means less stress on the ankles and knees.

Cross Trainer

The Cross Trainer is a fantastic piece of equipment which trains the full body which consequently increases your calorie burning potential. The design of these machines also protects you from any direct impact which means you can train at any intensity or if you prefer, a longer workout on this piece of kit without worrying about your joint health.


Row your way to a healthier body whilst strengthening several major muscle groups at the same time. This low impact form of exercise offers a whole-body workout where you can row for calories, distance or to set intervals.

Arm Bikes

Arm Bikes are a great option for individuals carrying an injury, have restricted mobility of the lower body or for those looking for a cardio vascular workout for their upper body which can also help if you swim. These work in the same way as a conventional cycle or exercise bike though in this case you use arms rather than legs.


Produced by the leading industry provider, the Stairmaster is a staple in our gyms. Work out your lower body while on the StairMaster, the climb and push resistance needed will shape your legs, hips, glutes, thighs and core and is a big contributor in improving strength whilst improving balance and agility. Reduce body fat and build lean muscle mass as you use the Stairmaster.

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Continue your full body workout with a session on our Functional Kit or book onto one of over 70 classes through the App & Member Area to stay on your fitness journey.

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