Insanity comes to Total Fitness

Insanity is coming to Total Fitness on 28th April!

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May Bank Holiday Opening Times

Monday 5th May 9am – 6pm

Monday 26th May 9am – 6pm

Please check with your club for any timetable changes

We are Total Fitness

Every week we welcome back… The runner, the rower, the one who takes it slower.
The ones that need a helping hand and those whose skin is perfectly tanned. The ones that push, the one's that pump the one's who've cut down to just one lump. The browsers, the wowzers, the squeezing into favourite trousers.

The little ones with keep fit mums and those that come to meet their chums. The ones who want a little peace.
Ones who need some stress release. The Pilates class, the yoga class. Doing it for health, or for a nice firm… stomach. But why choose here? What makes us better? Are our weights more weighty? Are our pools much wetter? No. The reason they come is 'cos we know.

What makes them tick, what makes them glow. We know what they want, what they desire. Be it muscles, stamina or losing that tyre. With our knowledge and passion we focus on all. From the incredibly short to those built like a wall. We make their focus ours, it's what makes us great, and it's what makes us the gym people rate.

Total Fitness, Total Focus.

Gym Classes

Whether you want to chill out and soothe your mind, or burn calories and trim your waistline, we’ve got just the class for you.

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