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Why exercising as a group is in a class by itself!

At Total Fitness we promise the complete Aerobics to Zumba of fitness classes, with everything in between, so we're firm believers in the power of group exercise. That's not to say there's anything wrong with individual workouts.

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Never mind your Abs what about your Apps!

If you're into both fitness and technology, the chances are that apps are probably as much a part of your exercise program as your regular visits to Total Fitness. But if you haven't caught the apps bug yet, or you simply don't know what's available, we've compiled a great selection for you to check out.

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What are we going to be fit for in 2013?

As one of the UK's leading health club networks, we know our stuff at Total Fitness. No matter if your focus is getting into better shape, or simply squeezing into a smaller size of jeans, you can rely on us to get behind you with the right equipment and the best advice and training.

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Ten great reasons to hit the pool at Total Fitness

If your focus on fitness is swimming, your local Total Fitness gym can get right behind you with a 25m pool and a smaller family pool to cater for swimmers of all abilities. We’re into swimming in a big way because it’s such an all-round healthy activity for your entire body.

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Total Fitness Liverpool, Aintree, are back with a brand new look

Unfortunately, the Total Fitness club in Liverpool, Aintree has been closed since March, due to a fire, but from 17th December we’re back in business. And the great news is, we’re better, brighter and more exciting than ever.

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Take a deep breath and get more out of your exercise

We all know how to breathe. If we didn't you wouldn't be reading this blog for a start. But when it comes to keeping fit there are different ways of breathing that can actually help you to exercise more effectively.

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Ladies, get the fitness ball rolling with these top medicine ball exercises and Total Fitness

Possibly the simplest piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever use, medicine balls are incredibly versatile, meaning you are free to work on several areas of your body, and they’re great fun, too!

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Get fit this Valentine's Day with these 10 active date ideas

Whether your relationship is action-packed already, you’re eager to peel that couch potato away from the video games, or you just want to let off some steam with family or friends, get on your feet, get going and get energetic with our fantastic suggestions, and ensure your Valentine’s Day receives the kick into action it deserves!

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Eating Healthily on the Go

Many of us find it difficult to eat well with a busy schedule, but it needn’t be as hard. Discover how with our top ten tips for eating healthily on the go!

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It's wedding weight loss wars!

When you're planning a wedding, every simple task can feel like you're fighting a war. You might worry there's no time for exercise, even if you still need to lose weight to fit into your perfect dress. Thank goodness, then, that Total Fitness have compiled our ten best weight loss tips to take a load off your mind!

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Getting fit isn't just about getting fit

At Total Fitness we completely understand that people exercise for all sorts of different reasons, not just to get fitter or look better. Here are a few of the less obvious advantages of going to the gym on a regular basis and ways to encourage you to get fit.

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10 weight loss tips you've never even thought of

Losing weight is a chore, and the more restrictions you impose on yourself, the more boring it can get & the likelier you are to deviate. At Total Fitness, we know losing weight can be fun as well as rewarding, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite, slightly unusual weight loss tips to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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Get over that hangover!

Healthy tips for the morning after the night before.

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Lose your love handles

'Love handles' is a fairly nice term for those pretty unpleasant flabby deposits of excess fat at the side of our waistlines. We call them this so that they don't sound so bad, but at the end of the day we don't like them, we don't want them and we'd love to get rid of them. So how do you go about it? Well for starters, you read some of the fat burning tips below then pop along to your nearest Total Fitness club and put a few of them into practice.

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From Rocky Races to Wacky Races

A quick run-through of some of the UK’s best-loved races: At Total Fitness we think that running is brilliant for aerobic exercise and an integral part of fitness training, which is why a number of our gyms have a 200m 4 lane synthetic track so you can run in complete comfort, whatever the weather. And if you like to run outdoors as well, there are plenty of races happening all over the country that you might like to take part in.

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Diet - cracking tips for a healthier Easter

Don’t worry too much if you overdo it this Easter, because we’ll be ready and waiting at Total Fitness with the expert help you need to get your diet back on track in no time. But even though you can soon burn off what you’ve put on, it’s still not a good idea to eat your way through a mountain of chocolate. Which is why we’ve put our heads together and come up with a few hints and tips to get you through that difficult time.

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Red hot tips for calorie burning

Lots of us are obsessed with burning calories and why not? Whether you want to blast more fat and lose weight or simply maintain your weight and feel fitter, calorie burning is the way to do it. At Total Fitness we’re behind you at every level, with all the equipment you need to burn baby burn and all the expert advice too, from our trained fitness instructors. And so you don’t think we’re slacking blog wise, we’ve put together some clever ways to help you burn better that you can read about right here. Check them out before your next gym session.

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Think Before You Drink

Avoid high calorie alcohol if you don’t want to pile on the pounds Anyone who’s remotely diet conscious will always watch what they eat, but at Total Fitness, we reckon it can be just as important to watch what you drink too. Especially when it comes to alcohol. Basically, alcoholic drinks are made by fermenting and distilling natural starch and sugar, so as a consequence many alcoholic drinks are high in calories. On average, alcohol contains seven calories a gram, which is almost as many as pure fat. So next time you’re ready to order a pint of lager, think ‘pint of lard!!’…and go for a fruit juice instead.

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Martin Cullen is a personal trainer at Total Fitness, Wigan, one of the UK’s leading networks of gyms and he’s got a great story to tell.

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GET YOUR KIT ON!! - The Total Fitness complete fashion guide

As long as your sports kit isn’t so sweat stained it can stand up without you in it, we’re not too worried about what you wear at Total Fitness.

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