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Total Fitness Initiation

Have you heard about the Total Fitness Initiation?

At Total Fitness we want all our members to be in the best possible position to achieve their goals. With this in mind, we have developed the Total Fitness Initiation. The Initiation is totally free and arranged around you, and we advise you book one in the first few weeks of your membership.

At the beginning of the Initiation you will be given a brief introduction to the gym by one of our TF instructors, which will include showing you around the different areas of the gym and giving you demonstrations on some pieces of equipment.

Following this, you will then be taken through a group training session lasting around 30 minutes. In each Initiation group training session we do our best to group members of a similar physical ability, however, the session can be flexible if there are mixed ability members taking part, and you will never be asked to do more than you are capable of. This 30 minute training session will be made up of workouts from the Initiation booklet, which you will be given at the conclusion of the session.

The booklet it made up of 23 different workouts, ranging from a basic beginner level, right up to workouts that leave our very own personal trainers sore the next day. Each workout is given a difficulty rating, allowing you to test yourself by moving up the ratings over time as you get stronger, fitter and healthier (and most likely happier!). There is also space in the booklet for you to track your sessions in the ‘Report’ section, helping you measure your progress and give you motivation to keep going!

80% of our members agreed that the Initiation session was beneficial to their future training, so get involved now and get your session booked next time you’re in club!