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Martial Arts

Hasha Karate England

Karate is a Japanese martial art meaning "Empty Hand" - it helps develop confidence, self-esteem and discipline.

Classes are delivered by World Champion, George Best and designed for children and adults aged 4 yrs old and above. Classes are completely free to Total Fitness members.

Beginners will learn the basic fundamental techniques of Karate. Once you understand these basic fundamental movements you can take a grading for your first belt.

Why choose Hasha Karate England?

Hasha Karate England has a pedigree of producing champions. Chief instructor George Best has won various World, British and European championships. 

George is renowned for his outstanding teaching style that gets the best out of every pupil, whatever level they may be.

Karate is a great way to develop confidence, discipline, self esteem, fitness and flexibility. It inspires children and it's great for adult too

George Best, World Karate champion

Earn your belt through grading

Gradings are a way of advancing through the belt system. There are 10 belts in order to reach black belt. Once you have an understanding of the basic fundamental techniques you can apply for your first belt.