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Watermelon Juice Aids Muscle Recovery

Watermelon juice aids recovery...

Have you ever woken up the day after a particularly hard work out and wondered why your body aches; and more importantly, how you can help to make sure this feeling doesn’t happen again?

Well, eat watermelon before your workout!!

A study has recently proven that drinking watermelon juice prior to a high intensity workout has the ability to reduce muscles soreness the next day in comparison to drinking water alone. (Aguayo et al. 2013).


Watermelons contain an uncommon amino acid named L-citrulline; which when absorbed by the body has the amazing property of aiding the muscles to remove lactic acid at a much higher rate than the body can achieve on it's own.

Lactic acid is the by-product of the muscles when they are placed under stress and unable to create energy quickly enough from aerobic respiration. Glucose in the muscles breaks down into Pyruvate; which in turn can be broken down aerobically and has no adverse effect, but if this isn’t possible because energy is needed quickly it can be anaerobically broken down into lactic acid. This has the ability to supercharge the muscles with energy but also has the downside of giving you those aches and pains the next day as the acidity of the muscles is inevitably increased.

In the study, a group of athletes were given 3 pre workout drinks before they exercised; unpasteurised watermelon juice, pasteurised watermelon juice and water containing the same levels of L-citrulline as the 2 watermelon samples.

Absorption of the L-citrulline was much higher in unpasteurised watermelon juice than both the pasteurised version and the spiked water sample (19% vs 13 and 12% respectively) - which in turn led to the participants in the unpasteurised group reporting zero to little muscles soreness the day after while the other 2 group reported moderate to high muscle soreness.

So if you want to wake up on Tuesday without those aches and pains following your hard workout, why not try eating watermelon an hour before your workout and let us know your results?