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If you have young kids, you WILL have a fidget spinner somewhere in your house and you will have been bugged to death to get more…

Plus, your kids’ school has probably banned them.

But why are we talking about fidget spinners?

Well, one minute I’d never heard of them and the next minute, everyone had to have one. I guarantee that in a couple of months, they will be on the decline or gone… in fact, I reckon sales will already be falling.

Hmmm… what does that ‘craze’ remind you of?

Yup, the latest diet pill, the latest exercise trend, the latest nutrition plan… all of which are supposed to be the answers to your health, fitness and body shape prayers and of course, this time it will work!

Yeah, right.

I’ve seen so many diets launch and disappear, so many ‘fat melting’ workouts come and go and so many shortcuts to results that never work.

One of the main problems with this diet craze culture is that it just creates feelings of failure (because you couldn’t stick to it or it just didn’t work long term) which in turn affects mental health, self worth and confidence… all of which are super important to feeling happy with YOU.

Also, they can mess with your hormonal balance which impacts so many brain, psychological and physiological factors.

They can also affect your metabolism and if you do them enough times  ie the yo-yo dieting cycle that people often get into  it can create metabolic damage which means it becomes harder to actually get results and create internal health again.

The diet craze culture also creates this on/off mentality – either you are 100% on it, no deviations, cabbage soup/shakes/starve yourself/points all the way for you OR you are completely off it, eating whatever you want, as much as you want and justify it somehow (because you've been 'on it' for the past five days). 

The evidence over the last 30 years is clear – none of this is working and it never will.

There is a mindset shift that needs to happen... there are NO quick fixes! No magic potions and the next craze will not work.

What will work is consistent lifestyle choices and habits that match up with who you are, what you really want, why you want it and how you want to feel. 

Now, there are some strategies, habits, training plans, nutritional approaches and biochemical factors that will influence how well you get those results and having an expert to support you on that is the best and quickest way to get your unique results… AND KEEP THEM.

That is what we do and have done for the last 15 years, getting amazing result along the way.

So forget the fidget spinner mentality and the next new thing… do something that guarantees results, is fun and can become part of your specific lifestyle.

Steve Butters