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Spring clean your diet

Did you know it was National Spring Cleaning Week?

Us neither but it still got us thinking… it might actually be a good idea to spring clean your diet too. 

We are two months into the year and some of the bad habits may have started to creep back in so it’s a good chance to take a little look and see if we can give a little spring clean nudge before those habits take over again.  

So here we go with top spring cleaning tips – rubbish bags at the ready… you may need them to get rid of all the rubbish that has accumulated over the colder months.


Extra booze that’s hanging around

You may fancy a few glasses of red now and again, so buy it occasionally. Unless you're having a party, make your house (and body) low booze.

If the beer/wine/champagne isn't there, available and cold, and you know you are the type of person that is tempted… you will be much less likely to overdo it on a nightly basis.  

Long ingredients list/processed foods

The longer the list, the chances are the worse it is for you. A good rule is, if you can't pronounce something in your food, then that shouldn’t be a key part of your nutrition.

Cheap snacks and sugary drinks

Rid yourself of all crisps, biscuits, cookies and sweets — plus any bottles of sweetened or fizzy drinks you have on hand. That means all of them. Don’t have them in ‘just in case someone comes round’.

Sugar (and its derivatives apart from stevia and xylitol)

You know this… no real need to have in the house.

Most white foods and refined Carbohydrates

Most white foods (white bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits) can be detrimental to your health as well as your fat loss goals if they are a main part of your diet.

Highly processed starchy carbs have a similar effect to sugar, contain virtually no nutrients and actually make you crave more of the them.

Pointless calories, that make you crave more pointless calories, that make you fat! Get rid!

Now we’ve done our Spring Clean, we need to replace some of the rubbish and load up the shopping bag. 


Smart snacks

Raw almonds, walnuts, pecans and pistachios are good for you in small doses, along with berries, veggie sticks, humous, olives, salads, meats, feta cheese and nut butters.


Green tea, black, white, oolong and rooibos teas are great drinks to have knocking around when you fancy a warm drink.

Compounds in tea may fight cancer, heart disease, depression and fatigue, plus they appear to be good for your brain (improving concentration and memory levels) and your waistline (fighting hunger and possibly even spiking calorie burn). Just don't add sugar!


Most people would benefit from increasing their protein intake so having a regular supply of high quality, grass fed, local (organic where possible) meats and fishes available for cooking and to take with you on the go will decrease the likelihood of eating rubbish, give you higher levels of energy along with reducing your body fat and helping to lose weight.


In our experience, most people eat nowhere near the amount of vegetables they should, so having a supply of ready cut raw veg is a perfect snack item and is easy to throw into a lunch box for snacks on the go.

Dipping them in humous, nut butters, spicy salsas (with no sugar!) is a great way to make them more interesting.

Plus, having a ready supply of frozen veg is a winner when it comes to getting your meals in.


Berries are the best fruits to eat. They are extremely high in antioxidants, have a low effect on blood sugar (low GI) so do not have the same fat storing potential as sugar or fruit juices.

Unprocessed Carbs

Sweet potatoes, basmati and brown rice, amaranth, quinoa and oats. These are the types of carbs we should be looking to for the main bulk of our eating plans… get the timing of these right and you will see and feel results.


It’s one of your biggest weapons to fight fat and create health – you need to be aiming for a minimum of 2litres per day. Don’t wait to feel thirsty, that’s too late.

Buy in plenty of the good stuff  

Never run out of the good foods or you may succumb to temptation. Plan your food buying, eating and timing and your results will soar… trust us.

Steve & Graham