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Post Workout Fuelling

Post workout fueling

You know the drill… you’ve just finished your workout, you’re on the way into work and feel fantastic, yet 3 hours later - it’s 11am, there's still an hour before lunch, you can barely keep your eyes open and your boss is throwing you that ‘look’ that questions if you were out partying all night like you are still in your teens... 

Well fear not, there are some very quick tips to keep your energy levels high all the way through to lunch time, and also give your body the nutrients it needs to recover properly after a tough workout… 

Snacking on foods with a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and contain 200-300 calories is a great start to maintain energy levels for the upcoming hours after a workout, whilst giving the body enough nutrients to start its recovery. This may seem a little complicated when we start discussing ratios such as 2:1 but don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Here are some fantastic quick snack ideas that you can take with you to the gym, or even find in the gym... 

Fruit with yoghurt (or even a glass of milk) 

  • Try mixing some blueberries with a natural yoghurt and a small handful of porridge oats for a fantastic boost of antioxidants alongside some great slow release carbs to get you through the morning. 

A small sandwich on whole wheat bread 

  • Combining turkey/chicken with a whole wheat bread can give you enough protein to kickstart your muscle recovery and provide you enough energy to see you through until lunch 

A protein bar/shake 

  • Often thought to be the domain of the bodybuilder, these post workout snacks contain a fantastic combination of easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates to refuel the body after a tough workout and is a quick way to replenish energy levels after a tough workout     

Extra tip - avoid eating carbohydrates such as fruit without a small source of protein. This can spike your energy levels for the first hour which will feel great, but it can lead to a dip in energy after that first 60 minutes. Combining protein with a carbs gives you a better chance of maintaining energy levels for a little longer.