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Pimp up your porridge!

 Pimp up your porridge!

After the extravagance of Christmas, January is never the most exciting month when it comes to food… but these winter mornings are the perfect time to pimp up your porridge.

Packed with slow-release carbs, porridge is a brilliant breakfast that will give the whole family a long-lasting power supply to fuel your day.

Sprinkle over some of these healthy toppings to give you that extra kick of goodness – trust us, you’ll need it on those dark, dreary mornings!

Honey, honey

Honey is one of the simplest carbs out there and offers a great source of energy.

Around 70% – 80% of the honey you drizzle onto your oats is made up of natural unrefined sugars, meaning it’s easily absorbed by the body and is ideal for maintaining stamina during a busy day.

Studies have shown that honey is as effective as glucose (found in energy drinks and gels) as a sporting fuel. Plus, it’s perfect if you’re conscious of your kids’ sugar intake – it’s a natural sweetener that adds a certain warm glow to cold mornings.

24-carrot yum

Have your carrot cake and eat it! Yes, we mean it.

Carrots are a good all-rounder with Vitamin K, fibre, potassium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C packed in. Bundle half oats, half grated carrot and milk into your bowl and then add cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger.

It’s basically carrot cake in a bowl, but much easier (and healthier) to whip up first thing in the morning.


As an easy-to-digest carb, bananas offer a fast energy boost – perfect before a busy day! This fruit is easy to digest and will give you a great dose of fuel.

In fact, research has shown that performance during exercise was just as good when cyclists ate bananas as it was after having an energy drink.

Even better, bananas are a natural sweetener and they caramelise into the creamy oats… scrummy!

Combat colds with Vitamin C

It’s that time of year when everyone you meet seems to be sniffling and coughing. Frantically applying antibacterial hand gel at every opportunity will only do so much…

Give your immune system a boost and pile your bowl high with Vitamin C toppings and keep things interesting by adding something different every day.

How about cherries and blackberries, or strawberry and mango?

Peanut butter me up

As a protein-rich food, adding peanut butter to your oats will make you feel fuller for longer – perfect when this is your first meal of the day!

Swirl it into your porridge and top with slices of banana for the ultimate energy boost.