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Diets don't work

Which diet is the best to follow?

Wait for it… it’s a good one… probably the best I’ve ever come across in my 15 years in the industry of changing people’s body’s and lives…


 “Booo! Hisss!” I hear you cry.

Maybe it’s not what you want to hear but I’m afraid that is the reality of life.

Most people who want to lose weight, change their body shape and tone up want to do so as quickly as they can… BUT keep those results long term.

In fact, no-one has ever said to me… “I want to change my body shape and lose a load of weight over the next 4/6/12 weeks and then I don’t care about anything after that, I’m not bothered if I put all the weight back on plus a little bit more and I’m not bothered how I look and feel… and my health doesn’t even come in to it.”

NOT ONE PERSON… ever! Not to me or the other 120 expert Personal Trainers. Hmmm… interesting. 

Let’s get something straight… fad diets do not work. They never have. This is why they have to be so heavily marketed, keep reinventing themselves and come up with a ‘new’ hook to try and trap people into them.

In fact, more than 95% of all people who start a ‘diet’ weigh more two years later than when they started!

That shows… they don’t work. We wouldn’t have a business if we had that kind of failure rate!!

What they do is damage your metabolism, making it harder to actually reach your body shape goals. Some of them also damage your health – hormones, thyroid, liver, intestine to name a few.

All of them damage your relationship with food and often with yourself… they lure you into a false sense of reality.

Many of them make you feel like a failure because you ‘couldn’t stick to it’.


This isn’t a diet as such… it’s a re-education of the way you eat, WHY you eat, balance of hormones, understanding what real food actually is and giving you the opportunity to enjoy the process, enjoy the foods that you eat, never feel deprived and understand how everything fits into YOUR specific lifestyle!

Oh and by the way, it should be a pretty fun and enjoyable process that you FEEL empowered doing; that you FEEL energised doing; that you FEEL good about yourself doing; that is flexible to your life/goals/family/personal circumstances… and…

…that gets results and keeps them LONG TERM <<< this is exactly what we do… and guarantee your results!

These guys did:


 Steve from Wilmslow got in great shape whilst still enjoying his night out and drinks at the weekend… and now maintains the same body shape.


Kelly from Bolton lost weight and her belly fat by following her tailored plan and eating her carbs in the evening.


There are some basics to follow which will get you on the right track, but one of those basics needs to be ‘ditch the diets’!

Steve Butters