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Back To Basics

Here at Total Fitness, we all love good grub. Food is really the way to our hearts! We know that with the right guidance you can eat healthy, wholesome foods, have more energy AND lose weight, without the succumbing to that four letter d word! 

If you want to turn down, bulk up or take control of your cravings, start by managing your eating habits! 

The right food will make your workouts in the gym more effective and give you faster results. If you think a balanced diet means a bag of crisps in each hand then it’s time to get clued up! 

Eat breakfast! 
It will kick start your metabolism, prevent cravings and give you essential vitamins for a productive day.

Cut down on processed sugars:
 Processed sugars are addictive and highly toxic to the bod, causing weight gain, mood swings and serious illness. 

Drink water:
You need about 2 litres of water a day, more if you’ve had a sweaty gym session! 

Make a rainbow: 
Colourful fruit and veg are full of natural antioxidants and energising nutrients. Try to get a range of fruit and veg across all colour groups for maximum benefits. 

Eat enough:
Eating gives us energy, but if you eat too much the extra energy will get stored as fat. If you’re training hard and you under eat you also encounter all sorts of problems like energy loss and injury. On average a man needs 2,500 calories a day and a woman needs 2,000.