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A Healthy Gut - Tips from a Personal Trainer

A Healthy Gut - Tips from a Personal Trainer

Our gut is the first pillar of health. Currently as many as 70% of our population suffer with some form of gastrointestinal illness. IBS, constipation, colitis, crohn’s, acid reflux and SIBO to name a few and there are many more people suffering with unexplained gut issues.

Here are some amazing foods that are a great addition to benefit your health and hopefully prevent any of these issues occurring. 

'An apple a day keeps the doctor away?!'

Apples contain a naturally occurring fibre called pectin this encourages the peristalsis movement which helps move the stool through the intestine. It also helps to bind and excrete heavy metals and cholesterol in the intestines, increasing its elimination from the body. 

When women are pregnant they say you're eating for two but really we all should be eating for the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut. Why is it important to feed that specific bacteria? Because these bacteria create short chain fatty acids which perform the vital function of calming the immune system and making it less reactive.

Fermented foods are perfect for improving the balance of beneficial bacteria, which are responsible for numerous functions to help keep your body healthy.

Sauerkraut is an anti-inflammatory food and a great addition to your daily nutrition. It's finely cut cabbage fermented in various lactic acid bacteria. The main one being lactobacillus plantarium, this bacteria is more dominant and controls all the other bacteria that help make us feel great.

Kefir is a fermented milk product,that tastes a bit like a fizzy natural yoghurt. The various types of beneficial microbiota make kefir one of the most potent pro-biotic foods with many health benefits. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that promote healing and repair. It has positive effects on gut and bone health and modulates the immune system.

I have had great results with clients by introducing these foods to their daily nutrition as part of a healthy diet. Just remember to also include lots of colour from a variety of vegetables and fruits, they are packed full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants that will also feed the good bacteria in your gut and make you feel great.

Olivia is a Personal Training level 5 coach. Everything she does is focused around helping her clients understand their bodies better, through looking at their gut, lifestyle and nutrition in depth so they can achieve improved health. After working with many different clients from different backgrounds, she has come to realise that there is a direct correlation between the quality of their nutrition, lifestyle and the healthiness of their body. 

To book a session with Olivia, or to find out about other personal trainers at your club then please contact your local club.