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Feeling like you want to get more active but think you’re too mature in years to join a gym?

We pride ourselves on being inclusive to everyone at Total Fitness, regardless of age or fitness level. You’re just as likely to see a weightlifting Grandma as you are a professional sportsperson on the gym floor.

You’re never too old and it’s never too late to get active, but don’t just take our word for it.

We met our oldest member of Total Fitness, Joan Capel, who turns 99 in just over a week’s time, to get her opinions on joining a gym.

Knowing your body

99-year-old Joan, a member at TF Wrexham, had a bad fall some years ago and has struggled with mobility in her knees ever since.

She initially waved away the ambulance assistance and thought she was fine but went on to have an operation on the cartilage in her left knee.

Joan was told after the operation there was nothing more that could be done to aid mobility and as a result, her knee is prone to giving way occasionally.

She knew she needed to keep her joints moving and after falling out of love with the recommended exercises from her physiotherapist, she looked for a low impact exercise to help – walking in water.


Dip your toes in

Joan uses the warm, shallower pool at Total Fitness and walks around the circumference twice to get her knees moving.

After struggling to walk on hard pavements, the water takes the impact off her knees and allows her joints to move more freely.

She said: “Circulation is always a problem in my lower legs but after visiting the pool, I can feel the warmth of circulation again. This effect lasted two or three days before wearing off so I’m hoping with more visits, this feeling won’t wear off as quickly.”

Set yourself a new routine

If you’re retired or will be retiring soon, joining a gym can help you fill your days in more ways than one. It doesn’t need to just be a quest to get more active with your newly-acquired free time, it can also help expand your social scene and give you something to focus on.

As Joan herself says, “If I let myself get bored, I know that’s when I’ll struggle to get out of bed and start to feel like I’ve got nothing to get up and out of the house for.

“As long as you’ve got something to look forward to, it doesn’t much matter what it is. That’s my theory anyway and at the moment it’s working.”


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