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Wendy's Story

Having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels, I knew I needed to do something about my weight and fitness, I was constantly being reminded of the dangers these were having on my health. 

In January 2014 I joined the Total Loser programme, I liked the sound of group exercise with like-minded people who all had the same goal to lose weight or get fitter, with trainers who would help you with nutrition and exercise. Unfortunately, I lacked will power and self-motivation and after a holiday in March I stopped going to the gym for a while due to other commitments. I made up excuses not to go and very quickly fell back to my old habits. Following a check-up I was told my blood sugar and cholesterol had increased as well as my weight had ballooned again. This was my light bulb moment, and I finally decided I had to do something about it …. So In June I started training with Conor McGirr one of the Personal Trainers, I was given a nutrition plan to follow. I didn’t think I could do without wine, chocolate and chips but I was determined this time round. The first couple of weeks I struggled with what I could and couldn’t eat but I stuck to it found recipes on the internet. 

After 6 weeks I had my first review – I was so nervous as I wasn’t expecting to lose much but I lost an amazing 12 cms and 5 KGs IN JUST 6 WEEKS!!…The second review was even better with a loss of 14lbs – ‘ONE STONE IN 5 WEEKS and I lost 15cms from my hips, I now had my hip bones back!! …. Each week Conor challenged me to work harder and provided the support and motivation I needed to change my lifestyle and believe in myself and continue on my journey. 

I will admit, I struggled in the beginning but I bought lots of Tupperware and planned out my meals, after a few weeks it got easier and became a way of life. Drinking water and eating regular meals has become a habit, I found I had so much energy and started to feel really good; I was sleeping better. I doubled my visits to the gym and I always gave 100% and pushed myself to do the exercises better each time.

I feel fantastic and I now know I can make the improvements to my health, shape and fitness. 
I’m now in the 4th month and my journey is continuing, my self-confidence has improved which has helped in personal and work life. I can now do things/activities I couldn’t do before and I am a more positive person as a result. 

Having a mentor really helps to keep me on track and he is always available for those silly questions…and I ask a lot!  I have also made lots of new friends in the gym, people who are on or have been on a similar journey and know what I’m going through. 

It’s great getting compliments and for the first time in years I’m looking forward to Christmas and not worrying about what I can wear…I can wear what I want. 

In 4 months I have lost more than 51 cms and 2.2 stone. My body shape is continuing to change and I’ve gone from a size 22-20 to a size 14. I go to the gym 5-6 times a week and when I can’t go, I really miss it (which isn’t often). I even workout early on a Saturday morning waiting for the doors to open with my friends who I met at the gym in January and have been great support.

The main reason I started this journey was to improve my health, and I have. I can now run about and do things with my granddaughter that I was too tired to do earlier in the year, but the best news is my blood sugar, this has improved so much its now normal and my cholesterol is no longer a risk and, I feel fabulous!! My only issue is that it’s costing me a fortune as I have had to buy new ‘skinny’ clothes and have changed my whole wardrobe. Going forward I have set myself some goals that I wouldn’t have even thought possible…wearing a bikini on holiday, fitting in that special dress by Christmas……running the Manchester  10K, taking part in Pretty Muddy (a girly tough mudder) and I’m sure there will be lots more next year as my fitness continues to improve.