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Shaun Griffiths' story!

TF Wrexham member Shaun Griffiths’ incredible weight loss story

Another incredible #TotalTransformation story that deserves to be shared! Shows again how with hard work you can achieve anything! Well done Shaun!

“When starting at the Gym back in 2014, I weighed a scary 18.5 stone. I couldn’t get to grips how I let myself get this big. My life was dull, I had no energy, lazy and no personality. I said to myself enough was enough, I’m changing and getting myself in shape! From the beginning of 2014, the training was HARD. I went through really stressful times, I didn’t want to do it but I forced myself into going. My body slowly got to grips with these changes, but really inside I wanted to cry and give up. After a few months, I slowly started to enjoy the training and began to see results, which gave me the motivation to keep going!
While I was also training I made friends with people at the gym who also gave me advice and helped me along with my training. From then on, I came to the gym everyday, (still do now) and train hard, doing plenty of cardio and weight training. I’ve kept to a very healthy lifestyle of eating the right foods with lots vegetables. I’ve now cut out any junk foods, “McDonalds” or “Pizza Hut” - these are now out of my food plan and I would never be interested if someone asked me if I wanted to go for one.
Of course I do treat myself and still enjoy food, but I’m just sensible with what I eat. All my clothes I used to wear were XXL Tops and jumpers, my biggest pair of trousers were 44” Waist! I now wear 30” waist trousers and fit small & tops/jumpers! I've never been happier in my life! I now weigh a happy 9 half stone! I've lost 9 stone all together. I would never look back! My life has changed so much and I feel 10x better! I’m a totally new person, Look different and feel different!
I would like to Thank Total Fitness for supplying such a great gym in Wrexham, all the staff are brilliant and again Total Fitness is my second home, you’ll always see me there!”

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