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Peter Shepherd's story

TF Lincoln member Peter Shepherd’s story!

Lincoln member Peter Shepherd changed his life for the better with the help of Total Fitness!

After 5 years of knee operations, my weight had ballooned to over 24 stone, my motivation was nil, and my self worth was zero. I realised I had to do something, and so in January 2016 I joined Total Fitness, and met Personal trainer Amir Unsworth. He showed me the exercises I could do, and slowly over a period of ten months, my weight has reduced by six and a half stone, my dignity and self worth is now normal!
I did hit a plateau after about six months, but Amir helped me over that, I would recommend Total Fitness to anybody that is in my situation, because I was never made to feel that I was not normal, but you have to stick with it, and when you say you have changed your life, you can mean it.

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