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Juliette Brown's Story

TF Preston member Juliette Brown’s inspirational weight loss story!

Ever seen Total Loser, thought, I would love to give that a go, that might be exactly what I need to get back on track. Be brave and give it a go! Juliette’s story will show you why you should.

“I joined Total Fitness earlier this year as part of the Pro-Fit Total Loser group. After the programme ended, I took the plunge and decided to stay on at the gym.

Preston is such a friendly gym and for the first time in my life I did not feel self-conscious going to a gym as no one judged you – everyone was there to help and encourage you.

I have lost nearly 4 stone in 8 months and I am happier and fitter than ever before! I had been on thyroid meds for 8 years, but now through diet and exercise I can proudly say I am no longer on my meds. I can’t thank Total Fitness and all the trainers enough!”

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