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Jean Evans' story!

TF Chester member Jean Evans’ story!

There are step backs in life, but that really didn’t stop Jean! Well done Jean on everything you’ve achieved! You are an inspirational!

“I have been going to Total Fitness, Chester for about 15-20 years but the last few years have been the most transformational, since I started working with a personal trainer. Under the watchful eye of Julie, I lost a stone and a half and changed my shape, which was very gratifying and worthwhile. However, one of the most helpful and challenging activities Julie organised was a weekly running class. A group of us went running on the Greenway every Tuesday morning. I had been a very keen athlete at school, but I had never done any distance running. Starting with half walking and half jogging 3k, I worked up quite quickly to 5k and entered the Race for Life, which I completed successfully. Soon after that I achieved 6k.

However, in September 2013 I had a stroke, which was of course very challenging in many ways, but particularly in relation to continuing my work in the gym. It did not, however, occur to me to do anything other than get back to the gym as quickly as possible and work to regain my former fitness. Julie was extremely encouraging and praised all my efforts, to the extent that I doubt whether anyone who did not know me would ever suspect I had had a stroke at all.

After Julie left Total Fitness, I turned to Sue to train me and she has been just as effective and encouraging as Julie.

Then came another big challenge. In August 2015 I fell on a hike in Swaledale and crashed down on my left shoulder, which was discovered to have been comprehensively smashed up. I underwent a total shoulder replacement at the Countess of Chester and had to learn to dress myself, get in and out of a bath etc like an elderly baby. Once again I determined to ensure that this disability was merely temporary, and aided first of all by an excellent surgeon and the therapy services at the hospital, and then by Sue's careful alteration of my programme to take account of the injury, I have now reached a point where I can run 3k again and am looking to move on to 5k and with my bionic shoulder I have regained almost all the mobility I had previously.

For all of this I am tremendously grateful to the hard work, patience and skill of Julie and Sue and grateful also for the facilities provided by Total Fitness. I am now 71 years old and hope to continue my work at the gym for as many years as I can.”

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