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Interview with Carly Booth

Professional golfer and Total Fitness member Carly Booth gives us the lowdown on her training style and motivation!

Tell us about your proudest fitness moment!

I'm not sure what my proudest is, I was a gymnast for Scotland at age 9. County champion at swimming age 8-11 always won everything at school too hehe. I've been brought up in the gym as my dad was an Olympic Wrestler. I wanted to win everything. Broke records from age 11 in golf so that's why I continued on with it. I also got asked to do the ESPN body issue shoot in 2013. I thought that was pretty awesome considering how many great athletes have done it.  

How does training in the gym help with your sport?

It gives me more strength and power as well as flexibility all key areas for golf.  

What’s your advice for anyone wanting to up their fitness game?

Set yourself a goal. Maybe if pushing yourself isn't something you do well, start off by seeing a trainer. They will also give you more variety of exercises you can do on your own. 

What’s your secret to a positive body image?

I find the way you dress is important, find what's most flattering for your shape, it will make you feel more self-confident. I like to wear a lot of black ;-) lol 

How do you stay focused?

I go through phases with my training. I think if you try and mix up your workouts you won't lose the motivation, that's what I try and do.  

Do you ever have low energy days? What keeps you motivated to keep training?

I certainly do have low energy days. I train with my boyfriend sometimes, and even the days we can't be bothered it's good to have someone else there to push you. So it's good to have a training buddy.  

Thank you Carly!