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The term ‘posture’ is used to describe how your body is positioned when you're sitting, standing or lying down.

Good posture is important for many reasons, not least by placing your body in an alignment where the stress on supporting ligaments, joints and muscles is kept to a minimum, but poor posture is often seen to be the pre-cursor to many of the aches, pains and injuries that plague our everyday lives.

Improving your posture encourages the correct alignment of your joints, where stress can be evenly distributed to the intended muscles and ligaments.

Getting this right significantly decreases the amount of wear and tear that your joints have to cope with, therefore minimising the risk of joint discomfort and inevitable degeneration.

When your muscles, joints and ligaments are working as intended it creates a much more efficient environment for your vital organs and nervous system to work optimally too, allowing functions that we take for granted, such as breathing and digestion, to happen more effectively and efficiently.

What causes poor posture?

Poor posture can be caused as a result of weak core muscles, which prevent you from holding your torso and hips in proper alignment. It can also be caused by tight muscles such as the hip flexors, causing a weakness of the mid/upper back muscles – a common issue for those who sit for long periods throughout the day.

Obesity, pregnancy and incorrect footwear are among several other causes of poor posture, but with the correct education as to the best blend of mobility, stability and strengthening techniques, you can significantly reduce your risk of suffering from not just aches, pains and injuries, but perhaps illness too. 

With that in mind, here are our top three posture boosting exercises to combat those common aches and pains for both your upper and lower body:

Give these exercises a go and let us know how you get on! 

Get your posture sorted! 

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of good posture and the benefits of a specific tailor-made corrective programme, then why not book in for a full postural assessment and movement screening with one of the Physioterapy team. 

We have clinics at the Preston and Chester branches of Total Fitness and you might have seen us around your club when visiting.