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I find that having a workout buddy can sometimes be the difference between failure and success in a workout, small results and amazing results.

Even though I like working out on my own, as you can see in my fitness videos, working out with a mate or a group of you can force you to workout even harder, stronger and faster, and it makes you push through a few extra reps on the weights or rounds on a circuit.

At the minute I train twice a week with two of my friends, the rest of the time I train on my own or go to a Spin class. We tend to set up our own circuit in the Spin studio, we mix it up each time and make sure we leave the gym nearly passing out.

My friend Martin actually came up with our name and apparently, it’s #TeamSmashTheSugar... this was definitely his idea! We workout on Monday and Wednesday.

Now everyone will know how hard it is to get that #MondayMotivation so working out with Lisa and Martin on a Monday works well and gets me prepped for the week!

Throughout my time at Total Fitness I've trained with quite a few different mates, and I've joined groups of people at the gym who train and do their own classes.

Here are the six benefits I've found from having a good workout buddy:

  1. It helps you achieve your fitness goals.
    When you train with somebody, you tend to talk about what fitness goals you’d like to achieve, and it boosts your motivation to achieve these goals considerably.

  2. Working out becomes fun!
    I like to have a serious workout, but without being serious. It’s OK to have fun, and the more fun the workouts are with your mates, the more I look forward to doing it again. My workout mates definitely make my sessions much more enjoyable and we always have a good laugh. Sometimes working out can be lonely so being able to laugh, encourage and motivate each other makes it much more enjoyable.

  3. Competition makes you perform better.
    I like to tell the children I teach, it’s not all about winning, it’s about taking part and having fun. Well on this occasion I definitely don’t practice what I preach... there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, especially when it makes you perform better. I know when I workout with a mate who is fitter than me, I perform better and I love a challenge.

  4. Motivation and support.
    I know having someone with me when working out makes a difference to how motivated I am. My mates definitely motivate me, support me throughout our workouts, and help me with my confidence when needed.

  5. They bring variety to your workouts.
    I know when I work out with Martin and Lisa we always bring different ideas to the table, tag each other in fitness videos on social media, which brings variety to our workouts. I know we like to change things up each week so it doesn’t get boring and gives us different challenges each week.

    This is a biggie. You always feel guilty cancelling on your mates at the gym, so you just don’t do it. Its one thing bailing on your own workout, but it’s much, much harder to ditch a workout when you know you’re going to be letting your workout buddy down – not to mention the heat you’re going to get when you see them again. Stay committed!

The point is, having a mate to workout with has many benefits and it could propel you much further towards your fitness goals, faster than if you go it alone.

If you see me around in the Walkden gym I'm more than happy for you to join my workout. The more the merrier!

Be happy and believe in yourself.

Coach Kim

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