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Amanda Bell's story


TF Teesside member Amanda Bell’s amazing story of swimming the English channel!

From no exercise, to swimming the English Channel, well done on your amazing #TotalTransformation Amanda!

“In 2010 I decided that after spending years of doing no exercise that I would start swimming and entered the Great North Swim, which is held in Windermere. I joined Total Fitness and got into the pool a couple of times a week, I struggled with swimming a mile each session.
Swimming the GNS meant that I also needed to swim outside as well as the pool. I completed a few one mile open water swims before needing to rest due to a shoulder injury, and started using the gym to build some strength back. I then took on other swims including 3.8k events and 5k events. Then in 2012, I completed a one way Windermere swim (10.5 miles) in a time of 6hrs 15! Swimming had now become a habit in my life, I was swimming each week and attending the gym regularly. I was benefiting both physically and mentally. My confidence was increasing and I met many people who have become good friends too. Swimming has given me the new start I needed, and now I crave it. In 2013 I completed a two way Windermere Swim (21 miles) in 13hrs 42mins, and felt that I was now ready to take on the BIG SWIM! In August 2014 I successfully swam the English Channel in a time of 18hrs 26mins. I'd gone from no exercise to the English Channel in just four years! I am still swimming regularly at Total Fitness and the local river and have since completed other swims including Round Jersey last August.”

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