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OK, so summer holidays are coming to an end... you've been away, enjoyed the extra cheats, drinks, family time, and overall chill time…

Fab… but then sometimes you get back to reality… you know those lazy mornings or days have come to an end. The extra drinks that you carried on from holidays need to reduce and the ‘well, its summer’ excuse is wearing thin and you know you need to get back into it but you are unsure…

Well, here we are telling you to get back on it, beat any post holiday blues and give yourself some much needed YOU time (in a healthy way)!

It can feel a little tough to get back it into after some time off and yup, even we need a little motivational nudge to get training sometimes. So here we go with a friendly nudge to get you moving. Remember it’s only the ‘thought’ of exercise that actually puts you off. When you get there/get started you actually enjoy it, and when you have finished you are always glad that you did it.

Don’t let those excuses get in the way of doing what you need (yes, need) to do. You owe it to yourselves and everyone around you.

Here we go with some reasons to train today:

Because you want to stand taller & feel taller

Because it reduces back pain (if you do the right stuff!)

Because moving your body feels good

Because you want to do real push-ups/pull ups/squats

Because exercise fights depression (and wins)

Because as you get physically stronger, you get mentally stronger

Because you know you need to look after number 1

Because you’re a better person when you exercise (you are, I promise)

Because the only workout you ever regret is the one you skip

Because a fit body is a healthy body

That last one is important… especially with all the current talk of toning, bikini body, ‘photo shoots’, fat loss, weight loss, muscle building etc… some of which is important and a huge part of things but never at the cost to your health…

**Remember this…A person who has good mental and physical health has many wishes, goals and dreams to aim for yet the person who doesn’t have good mental or physical health has ONE wish, goal or dream!