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We get it, you’re busy… in fact everyone is busy!

Everyone is doing lots of things and sometimes it’s hard to ‘fit everything in’ but you have the same 168 hours in the week as the next person and there is always someone more busy than you and who still manages to get their workout in.

We're not comparing here, you shouldn't care what anyone else is doing, get on with your own stuff.

All we're saying is don’t let those excuses get in the way of doing what you need (yes, need) to do.

You owe it to yourself and everyone close to you.

With that said, we all need a little push to get going sometimes so hopefully some of these reasons to train - today - will hit home and you can go smash it:

  1. Because you want more energy (yep, moving gives you energy)
  2. Because a certain disease runs in the family and you want to avoid it
  3. Because summer isn’t far away
  4. Because you want to look and feel awesome
  5. Because you want to lose your belly fat
  6. Because exercise fights depression
  7. Because as you get physically stronger, you get mentally stronger
  8. Because you want your kids to be healthy too
  9. Because you’re a better person when you exercise (you are, we promise)
  10. Because the only workout you ever regret is the one you skip

Now go and do it!

And if you want all those feelings and reasons plus a load more, with a 100% results guarantee then get the expert help and support of a Personal Trainer. You can still grab your two-week trial in many of our clubs... click here to get started.