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Many people harp on about not having time to train/workout/go to the gym, yet those same people are the ones I see wasting a load of time! How ironic... Now, to be fair, it's very easy to end up wasting time in the gym, and there can be many reasons, but one of the biggest is Distraction!

We see it all the time, sometimes I fall into it myself. You see, the correct rest periods between sets, supersets, and/or intervals are a very important part of a sound training plan, and actually play a part in dictating the training response (which dictates results)! BUT… are you really sticking to them? It’s so easy to get distracted by phones, TV’s, messing with headphones/music, other people, oh and taking those all important selfies!! (arrgghhh)...

This either means that you run out of time to actually get your full workout done, or you didn’t get the full benefit of it or your gym session goes on for way too long. Meaning your productivity for the rest of the day is lost, (and then you blame the gym session and decide you ‘don’t have time’!!).


If you fit into this category then set yourself up for success by:   

  1. leaving your phone in the locker/bag...
  2. sort music before you train...
  3. have an alternative exercise as back up in case someone nabs ‘your’ equipment…!
  4. make sure you time your rest periods
  5. pick a time to leave the gym, so you get the most out of your sessions. 

Happy (and efficient) Training.