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Getting stuck in a workout rut can happen to the best of us.

You get used to doing the same things in the gym and suddenly, your goals start to plateau. This is completely normal but if you're looking for a way to shake up your usual routine, then recruiting one of our expert PTs could be the way to do it. 

Here's a few reasons why working out with a personal trainer could help you get the most out of your fitness routine:

They teach you new things

It goes without saying - that's why they're the experts! They'll help you get familiar with the machines and kit we have in club, and their tailor-made sessions can help perfect your form.

They're objective

We all have areas of the body we'd like to work on more than others, and our personal trainers will not only tell you realistically what to expect with each workout, but also how to optimize a session to target different muscle groups.

They're better than a mirror

Watching yourself in the mirror while you're working out can help you make sure your form is correct, but imagine how much better it'll be with someone by your side to tweak it while you work.

They push your limits

Just when you think you can't possibly do any more, you'll be told "five more." And what do you do? You do it to make a point, and you'll feel better for it (trust us on that one).

They hold you to account

It's much harder to justify postponing an appointment with a PT than just your own normal freestyle routine the gym - you won't want to let them down. Obviously if you have a legitimate reason that's fine, but "Happy Hour has just started and I can't leave" probably won't go down too well.

They keep you from plateauing

And now for one of the most important reasons - if you feel like you've hit a wall with your training, a PT will always has a new workout up their sleeve to make sure you continue seeing results and enjoying yourself along the way.


Thinking about getting a PT?

Come and see the TFPT teams in club or take a look at the notice boards... it's time to take that first step on your next journey.