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Have you ever heard of Serotonin or Dopamine? No, they aren’t Brazilian football players from the 70’s, they’re actually the chemical transmitters in the brain that gives us the drive to complete tasks and lets us feel good when we achieve those tasks… Put simply, the more Dopamine and Serotonin we have, the better we are at achieving things and the happier we are when we do.

Studies have recently shown that exercise is a fantastic way to increase the body’s ability to make these chemicals in the brain, and exercising regularly leads to better mood, increased energy, improve social interactions and ultimately feel happier about ourselves.

But guess what, that’s not the only scientific benefit to exercise and mental state, exercise also releases an instant hit of something called 'endorphin's', otherwise known as 'feel good chemicals' into the body. These endorphin's are chemical signals that lead us to remember positive events and feel good about certain memories we have around an event… like the first time you rode a bike, your first 10k race or even the first time you tasted your favourite food.

Exercise can be one of the most beneficial actions you take to improve your happiness and mood, and these 3 natural chemicals are fantastic side effects of your workout… You may not see the difference in your body shape right now, or have gained that extra muscle mass that you’re craving but you can’t beat the science and the guys in white coats tell us that you’ll definitely feel better by taking part in exercise 3 times a week!!

What a fantastic excuse to go the gym today and invest the time in making yourself feel better tomorrow!!