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The assessment centre

What is an Assessment centre?

Assessment Centres are an alternative method of recruiting to the traditional interview structure, which we believe puts candidates at ease as we try to create a relaxed, non-intimidating and enjoyable recruitment environment. We assess candidates on behaviours during each task so try and relax and be yourself.

In an ideal world, when recruiting for positions we would have the opportunity to "try before you buy" and see an individual actually at work before we hire them. This is often impossible and even if we look at employing people as temporaries it means you can only select from the pool of candidates that are immediately available. An assessment centre aims to replicate some of the key tasks and let us see how candidates deal with the scenarios they are put in.

Assessment Centres can be used for almost any kind of job – and in fact this gives you the opportunity to see if Total Fitness and the role is for you, we want you to be right for us but we also need to right for you!

You will be asked to participate in 2-3 different tasks that are designed to be fun and give you the opportunity to show us your true personality.

Advantages of an Assessment Centre

  • Candidates are given a much more realistic perspective on the role and company
  • All candidates are measured objectively to the same criteria
  • Candidates feel more satisfied that even if they are not successful they have been given a "fair go"
  • Feedback is much more detailed and relevant to the task; we encourage all attendees to ask for feedback when not successful. We want you to be able to learn from the advice we give you and benefit by using it during your next recruitment process. 

What do I need to bring with me on the day?

  • A pen
  • Passport or long birth certificate as a form of I.D
  • Plenty of personality!!

What do I wear?

Smart business dress, dress to impress!

How long is the Assessment?

The assessment process takes approximately 2-2.5hrs and depending on time constraints you might be asked to attend a 20-minute interview after the assessment to save inviting you back a second time. We appreciate you are taking time out of your busy day or even time off work to attend so we hope this helps you.

When will I know the outcome?

We pride ourselves on not keeping you in suspense for longer than necessary so we will be in touch if you are successful within 2 weeks.