If you're unsure of the difference between Aerobics and Yoga or want to lose weight but don't know where to start, the Total Fitness glossary should be able to help you.

The Total Fitness glossary is an A to Z guide to all things relating to Total Fitness including Weight Loss, Classes and much more. Browse through the sections below to find what you need.

Glossary - A to E
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Glossary A - E

Aerobics - A cardiovascular workout combining rhythmic exercise and stretching usually performed to music. Aerobics is one of the healthiest forms of exercise, can aid weight loss and helps to improve fitness.

Beauty Salon - Total Fitness beauty and hair salons are available to members and are a great way to relax after a workout.

Cardiovascular - Cardiovascular exercises are performed at moderate to high intensity rate to increase the heart rate and lung capacity, and are recommended for weight loss. Activities such as aerobics, cycling, rowing, and football are a good way to lose weight and build up fitness and stamina.

Children's Zones - From sports and games, and studio based activities to sessions in the pool and swimming lessons, at Total Fitness children have plenty of choice when it comes to exercising.

Classes - There are many exercise classes available at your local Total Fitness health and fitness club, ranging from Spin to Tai Chi.

Conference Room - Why not hold your conference or event at Total Fitness? With outstanding catering and office facilities, Total Fitness makes an excellent venue for holding meetings, interviews, and teambuilding days.

Crèche - The Total Fitness crèche and nursery lets you to work out whilst we look after your children.

Diet - What you eat and when you eat it can play as big a part as exercising in helping you to reach your health and fitness goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight and get fit, gain muscle and put on weight, or recuperate after an injury or operation, your personal trainer can advise with all aspects of your diet as well as exercise.

E-Offers - Sign up to the newsletter and receive updates on special offers, news and events from Total Fitness Health Clubs.

Exercise - Regular exercise is a good way of improving fitness and general well-being. From aerobics classes, swimming lessons and five a side football to traditional free weights and rowing machines, Total Fitness has all the exercise facilities you need.

Exercise Classes - Exercise classes are a great way to learn new skills, improve fitness, meet new people and stay motivated. From Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga and water workouts, to step, spin, salsa classes and more, Total Fitness Health and Fitness Centres have an exercise class to suit you.

Exercise Programmes - Total Fitness individually design the right exercise programme to help you meet your health and fitness goals, whether they are weight loss, increased strength, or improved sporting performance. You can also seek the advice of our personal trainers if you require more assistance or motivation.

Glossary F - J

Facilities - From aqua mobility classes to laser hair removal, Total Fitness offers unrivalled health and fitness centre facilities for all the family. Whether you are looking for swimming lessons for the children or a personal trainer for yourself, our health and fitness centres have everything you need to stay fit and healthy under one roof.

Family Activities - Total Fitness have devised exercise programmes just for children, including sport and games, pool based activities and studio classes. Fully supervised by CRB checked and trained staff, you can be sure that your children can be as fit and healthy as you are.

Family Zone - At Total Fitness health and fitness centres, children can exercise together in the same workout area as their parents, using junior versions of equipment to develop stamina, improve fitness and help to increase strength.

Football Pitches - Total Fitness offer 2 floodlit 5-a-side football pitches, which can be booked up to 7 days in advance. If you want to get more exercise, but don't like the idea of traditional weights or swimming, why not get a couple of teams together, and play football regularly to help improve your health, fitness and stamina.

Future Fitness - Total Fitness exercise classes for children take place in Children's Zones, and comprise sports and games, pool activities and studio based activities such as aerobics. It has never been easier to encourage your children to stay fit and healthy.

Goals - Different people have different goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit, learn Tai Chi or simply just to play more football, Total Fitness offer a wide range of facilities, equipment and classes to help all members, from children to the over 55s, achieve their goals.

Guest Pass - If you are interested in joining Total Fitness, and want to see the outstanding facilities for yourself, and improve your health and fitness, simply contact us and we will arrange for you to visit.

Gym - Traditional gyms offer strength training and cardiovascular equipment to help you lose weight, build muscle and improve fitness. Health and fitness centres such as Total Fitness offer you much more choice in terms of your exercise routine. Whether you want an aerobics class, or swimming lessons for the children, Total Fitness has it all.

Health and Fitness Centre - All your exercise and fitness requirements can be found under the same roof at Total Fitness, from running, and swimming to personal trainers and Tai Chi. Once you join Total Fitness, you can use all the facilities and classes at any Total Fitness Club.

Health and Fitness Club - By joining Total Fitness, you can utilise the facilities and classes at any one of our health and fitness clubs across the North of England.

Health Check - When you join Total Fitness, you will receive a Health Check, which will ask questions about your general health and fitness, lifestyle and goals. Your initial exercise programme will be guided by your existing health and fitness and your goals.

Holiday Club - Total Fitness run children's exercise courses at their health and fitness centres during school holidays. These courses consist of sports and games, pool activities and much more.

Induction - When you join Total Fitness, you will have an induction to show you what each piece of equipment is used for, and how to use if safely and effectively.

Internet Access - Total Fitness offer free internet access and Playstation use for members.

Join - Join Total Fitness, and start your new health and fitness regime today.

Juice and Snack Bar - Total Fitness refreshment facilities offer health and fitness food and drinks for club members.

Junior Members - With a vast range of activities and classes available, children are encouraged to use the health and fitness centre facilities at Total Fitness. With activities suitable for children of all ages and fitness levels, ranging from swimming lessons to aerobics classes, your children can exercise whilst you do

Glossary K - O

Ladies Only Gym - A dedicated ladies only gym is available for those who don't feel confident in a mixed gym environment.

Laser Hair Removal - Laser Hair removal is the most permanent form of hair removal, and is virtually painless. Total Fitness laser hair removal clinics use the latest equipment and are registered and approved by the Healthcare Commission to ensure the best results.

Liverpool Gym - Total Fitness have 2 gyms in Liverpool and the surrounding area. They have Liverpool Gyms in North liverpool - Aintree and Prenton, Wirral.

Manchester Gym - Total Fitness have 5 gyms in Manchester and the surrounding area. They have Manchester Gyms in Altrincham, Bolton, Walkden, Whitefield and Wilmslow.

Membership - By becoming a Total Fitness member, you are automatically a member of all the Total Fitness centres across Northern England. In addition to swimming pools, football pitches and personal trainers, additional exercise classes such as Tai Chi and aerobics are also offered. Whether you want to feel fitter, lose weight or improve your swimming, Total Fitness can help you.

Mind and Body Studio - Total Fitness offers classes in Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, to exercise the mind as well as the body.

Motivation - Some people can lose motivation when it comes to exercising. Total Fitness offer many different exercise classes and facilities that you won't get bored or stuck in the same routine. Using a personal trainer allows you to benefit from professional help and advice, and help reach your goals.

News - Keep up to date with what's happening at your local Health and Fitness Centre by signing up to E-Offers, the Total Fitness newsletter.

Nutrition - As part of a healthy diet you may choose to include additional nutritional products supplements in your diet. Total Fitness personal trainers can help with all your dietary and exercise requirements.

Our Clubs - With 17 Health and Fitness clubs in the North of England & Wales, you are never far away from Total Fitness. Once you are a member, you can use any Total Fitness club, from Teeside to Hull.

Over 55s Fitness - Total Fitness actively encourages exercise and physical activity for all ages. Whether you exercise regularly, or haven't exercised for years, Total Fitness can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Glossary P - T

Personal Trainer - Having your own dedicated personal trainer can be the motivation you need to stick to your exercise programme and achieve your health and fitness goals through effective training. With your own individually tailored training programme, you and your personal trainer can ensure that the exercises you are doing are the right ones, whether you exercise for weight loss, general fitness or to improve sporting performance.

Physiotherapy - Total Fitness can help you to choose a specialised physiotherapist. If you are recovering from an injury or a medical condition, a specialist physiotherapist can help.

Pilates - Focusing on the postural muscles that support the spine, Pilates classes teach correct breathing techniques and spine alignment and helps to strengthen the torso muscles, improve agility and core stability which can help to prevent and alleviate back pain.

Questions - If you have any questions which are not answered on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will answer your queries.

Resistance Equipment - Total Fitness exercise programmes utilise resistance equipment as well as cardiovascular equipment. Resistance equipment consists of machines and free weights that help to build muscle, rather than improve fitness. If your goal is to build muscle, then you would use resistance equipment rather than cardio vascular equipment. If you want to lose weight, then you would do more cardiovascular exercises than resistance exercises.

Running Track - Some Total Fitness centres offer a 200m running track which is a welcome addition for those people who want to run but don't like treadmills.

Shop - Total Fitness has a wide selection of Sports accessories and products for sale, including heart rate monitors, exercise balls, clothing and supplements. Whether you have forgotten your shampoo, need a new swimming costume, or want to try a new protein drink, Total Fitness aim to supply you with all you need for your workout.

Spin Class - This is an indoor cycling class where riders set their own goals based on their heart rate. The cycling routines simulate the different sorts of terrains and environments that are found in cycle rides, such as hill climbs, sprints and interval training. The instructor will use music for motivation, and utilise all sorts of terrains during the class, in order to build up the riders' heart rate and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Squash Courts - Total Fitness Health and Fitness Clubs have excellent glass backed squash courts with a viewing balcony.

Step Class - Using simple moves to go up, down, over and round a small step, your instructor will soon have you exercising to choreographed sequences set to music. Step classes are very popular as they provide a great cardiovascular workout, burn lots of calories and are lower impact than running.

Supplements - Using supplements in your diet can help you to increase muscle or lose weight. Total Fitness offers different sorts of supplements such as protein drinks and powders. Your personal trainer will be able to advise you as to which sort will be best for you.

Swimming - Swimming is a great cardiovascular work out and as there is very little impact on the joints, swimming can be enjoyed by all age groups, making it one of the best all round total body exercises.

Swimming Lessons - Total Fitness swimming lessons can help to make you a better swimmer, as well as teach you how to swim. Whether for your children or yourself, part of a group or one to one, swimming lessons provide a useful skill and can lead to an enjoyable and healthy hobby. Adult and children's swimming lessons are taught by NSA Trained CRB approved instructors, and lead to recognised swimming qualifications.

Swimming Pool - Total Fitness offer many pool based activities, including swimming, swimming lessons, adult and child sessions, and water resistance based workouts.

Tai Chi - As well as being a Martial Art, Tai Chi has other benefits including helping to relax the mind as well as the body by relieving the physical effects of stress, and improving calmness.

Thread Vein Laser Treatment - Conditions such as Small Facial Telangectasia (Red Veins), Small Red Thread Veins (Legs), Cherry Angiomas (Slightly raised red lesion), and Spider Angiomas (Slightly raised red spider-like angiomas) can be treated using thread vein laser treatment at Total Fitness. Total Fitness Laser Clinics are registered with the Healthcare Commission and offer consultations to provide realistic and honest advice as to what to expect.

Toning Classes - Designed to tone the body, these exercise classes use a range of equipment including free weights and body weight to focus on different body areas. There are toning classes for all fitness levels and ages.

Total Fitness - The Total Fitness group has grown to 16 health and fitness centres. Wherever you are in the North of England, there's a Total Fitness near you. With a wealth of experience in running health and fitness clubs, Total Fitness can help you achieve your goals.

Glossary U - Z

Value - Total Fitness provides fantastic value for money, and offers excellent facilities such as exercise classes, swimming lessons, and more.

Voucher Validation - If you have a Total Fitness voucher, fill in the Voucher Validation form online, and once processed, you will receive your voucher which you can use at the participating health and fitness centre.

Weight Loss - Many people join a gym to help them lose weight. Regular exercise is a recommended way of losing weight and improving fitness and stamina. Total Fitness Health and Fitness Centres offer unrivalled gym facilities, as well as exercise classes, swimming lessons and personal trainers.

Weight Training - Some members join a health and fitness club to put on weight and muscle, rather than to lose weight. If you want to build up strength rather than stamina, using weights and resistance training will help you to achieve your goals. A personal trainer can be very useful to help ensure that you are doing the right exercises and eating the right sorts of food.

Why Total Fitness? - With 17 health and fitness clubs in the North of England & Wales, Total Fitness offers the best equipped, best value health and fitness centres in the UK. If you're a member of one Total Fitness health and fitness club, then you are a member of all of them. Unrivalled equipment, facilities including laser hair removal clinics and a variety of exercise classes ensure that Total Fitness help you to achieve your goals, whether they are weight loss, general fitness or learning something new such as Yoga or Tai Chi.

Yoga - Translated from Sanskrit, Yoga means the "union of mind, body and spirit" . Yoga classes comprise of stretching and breathing exercises as well as relaxation techniques.



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